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Beard Lotion For Growth: Grow Your Beard Quickly

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Unfortunately, most men face one problem: facial hair grows very slowly. Is it possible to speed up the process? To stop hair loss and grow a thick and beautiful beard quickly and easily? Sure it is, It is enough to choose the right product – lotion for beard growth.

What is the purpose of beard lotion?

Many factors can affect how fast a man’s facial hair grows, from genetics to daily habits. We’ll try to figure out why your beard may not grow as fast as you’d like, and how the right lotion can solve the problem.

Causes of slow facial hair growth

The growth rate of the beard and mustache is an individual parameter, but on average, after a month, 1 cm of stubble should appear on the chin and over the upper lip. If the length of facial hair barely reaches a couple of millimeters even after thirty days, you need to think about the reasons for such slow growth.

It could be:

  • Genetic predisposition: a slow-growing beard is a genetic trait that is often inherited. If your father or grandfather also had problems of this kind, you can consider that it is “written” in your DNA;
  • Hormonal disruption: Testosterone, a hormone responsible for beards and mustaches, can cause facial hair to grow slowly;
  • Unbalanced diet: lack of proteins and fats and carbohydrates in excess can lead to malfunctioning hair follicles;
  • inappropriate daily routine: lack of sleep, minimal physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle have a negative impact on the condition of all body systems, including the skin and hair;
  • high levels of stress: a stressful psycho-emotional background can lead to stunted hair growth;
  • Improper skin care: if your skin is dehydrated or not cleaned often enough, your beard and mustache may grow significantly less intensively.

Each of these factors, except perhaps genetics, can be easily corrected. Sleep patterns can be adjusted, nutrition can be reconsidered. Even stress levels and exercise can be kept under control. However, each of these important steps should be accompanied by the use of a properly selected lotion for beard growth. This product will help your skin to support your endeavors and work in a normal mode.

The basics of beard lotion

Beard Lotion For Growth: Grow Your Beard Quickly

Before you start choosing a lotion to accelerate the growth of your beard and mustache, you should find out exactly how it works.

Beard Lotion Composition

Beard growth lotion usually includes basic ingredients such as:

  • Eggshell membrane: this is practically concentrated collagen, and the membrane also contains a lot of hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are responsible for the smoothness and elasticity of the hair;
  • Soy protein: moisturizes hair, smooths the scales;
  • Keratin: eliminates mechanical damage on the surface of the hair.

Depending on the imagination of the manufacturer, the lotion may contain additional ingredients, most often substances that stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles.

How does beard lotion work?

Thanks to the precisely selected ingredients, the lotion helps:

  • Provide moisture to the hair and skin;
  • Smooth the surface of the hair;
  • repair minor mechanical damage that can cause hair to break off;
  • stimulate blood circulation to intensively nourish hair follicles.

Advantages of using Beard lotion

Changing your diet and making up for your sleep deficit, as well as exercising regularly, will help tone your body.

Absolutely all systems will start to receive additional incentives for smooth operation:

  • During a night’s rest, the body makes minor repairs, patching up various damages while at rest;
  • A high content of proteins and fats in the daily diet will allow the hair follicles to receive all the necessary elements for normal growth of the beard;
  • Exercise increases the level of the male hormone testosterone, which helps the beard to grow actively.

However, while all the internal processes are gradually getting better, it is important to support the skin on the outside. This is exactly what beard growth lotion is for: it has a really noticeable and fairly quick effect, which, combined with lifestyle changes, will stay with you for a long time.

Contraindications to use

The only contraindication to the use of this product is an allergy to one or more components of the lotion.

Usage Features of beard lotion

Beard Lotion For Growth: Grow Your Beard Quickly

For the effect to be as noticeable as possible, it is necessary to follow the rules of lotion application. We asked experts to give their professional recommendations.

  • Apply the lotion on thoroughly cleaned skin: if the surface of the skin is not properly cleaned before applying the lotion, the beneficial ingredients will not have the desired effect.
  • Use a small amount of lotion: too much of it on your skin can have the opposite effect.
  • Apply lotion before bedtime: it is at night, when we are resting, that the active ingredients penetrate more easily into the deeper layers of the skin and help the skin repair itself and begin to work properly.
  • Using tried-and-true lotions: Professional beard-growth lotions are a good way to avoid wasting time and damaging the skin.

Beard growth lotion will help to achieve the desired goal: in a couple of weeks of regular application you will see the first results. Good luck!

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