Beard Oil – The beard is the most personal element of our face, the flagship of our outfit. Beard lovers know how important it is to comb, trim and pamper their beards daily. But if, in addition to taking care of your beard, you want it to look its best, you can’t do that without regularly applying the star product of every sophisticated and stylish bearded man: The Beard Oil.



Beard oil, created especially for the beard, combines several essential oils: jojoba, argan, natural almond oil, rosemary oil, etc. using this oil helps taking care of the beard, moisturize it and keep it healthy and manageable while preventing dryness and flaking of the facial skin. In addition, all oils are absorbed very quickly, which prevents a greasy feeling. What the beard does not need, evaporates. The quality of its components is decisive for the quality and effectiveness of the beard oil applied to the beard. Certain oils also help to stimulate the natural growth of facial hair and strengthen it.

And let’s not forget the scent, with a few drops of beard oil you can enjoy the most natural and intense aromas and maintain a pleasant and refreshing sensation all day long! But be careful, don’t just go by the smell when choosing your beard oil. It is important to look for essential oil-based products, not those containing artificial fragrances. Essential oils are natural products, traditionally distilled from plants, while synthetic fragrance oils are artificial and can damage your facial hair.


The use of this oil on the beard is not merely a matter of aesthetics but is essential to keep the beard and facial skin completely healthy. Beard growth can dry out the skin on which facial hair grows, so it is crucial to keep it moisturized to avoid dryness, flaking, and itching. As added benefits, this special beard oil prevents unsightly dandruff from forming on beard hair, damaging the ends, weakening, or (even) falling out.

On the other hand, this type of oil helps us to take maximum care of the beard and to keep it in the best hygienic conditions, protecting it from dirt, dust, pollution or tobacco. Another issue to take into account is the effect that inclement weather, such as cold or wind, can have on beard hair, drying and damaging it, to the point of giving it a dull and neglected appearance. In these cases, the use of this specific beard oil for beards works true miracles, allowing the hair to regain a moisturized, natural and manageable texture.

Last but not least, this beard oil helps to give your beard the best aesthetic appearance, while helping you to manage it with extraordinary ease and give it the desired shape by taming even the most unruly hair. To top it all off, the magnificent aroma given off by the all-natural organic oils in its composition relaxes you and gives you a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being all day long.


The frequency of use of beard oil depends especially on the specific condition of your beard. The drier and more damaged it is, the greater the quantity and intensity required, and daily use is advisable. In cases where the beard is in good condition, it can be applied two to three days a week, although for perfect condition and maintenance, daily use is ideal.


When it comes to buying one, you will not only have to look at the components but many are differentiated by their purpose. You can find oils for better beard growth, oils to protect from cold, to give more freshness… Different products in which some characteristics prevail over others to define their main purpose. If it is one of the first you buy, any product you use with good properties will be useful. As you get deeper into this ‘little world’ you will decide which one suits you best depending on the characteristics of your beard.

Another way to differentiate is the type of skin or hair, as is the case with normal shampoos. You can find oils for dry skin, sensitive skin, dry beard… or for all skin types. If you have a particular skin or hair type, it may be a good option to opt for a more specific type of oil.

beard oil 2
Beard Oil


Beard oil can be described as a “serum” composed of several oils. It nourishes both the beard and the facial skin, which is often weakened by the regular use of a razor and by the fact that it is only slightly hydrated.

In general, beard oil is made with two components: organic oils and essential oils. These oils have very different effects and you will need both to get a fully effective beard oil. Without the organic oil, the essential oils can irritate some skin and without the essential oils, you won’t have a really nice smelling beard. So it’s important to make this 2 oil blend for a perfect result!

Organic oils (jojoba / olive / argan / coconut…)

The organic oils are the main element of the beard oil. It is these that will determine the effects of your product and its effectiveness. They will bring everything your beard needs to be beautiful, shiny and soft like vitamins and other minerals. Choose your oil according to what you want for your beard!

  • Argan oil gives you a nourished and softer beard.
  • Coconut oil gives strength to the hair by reducing protein loss.
  • Jojoba oil, rich in vitamins A, D and E protects the skin by reducing dryness.
  • Almond oil is recommended for sensitive and dry skin.
  • Grape seed oil is anti-inflammatory and reduces acne problems.
  • Olive oil, which is very well known, moisturizes and gently repairs the hair.

Essential oils

The essential oils contained in a beard oil can give a real olfactory personality to the oils. Indeed, they bring a smell to the beard as if you were using a perfume and it is rather pleasant. Admit it, a well-groomed beard that smells good is really classy!

Depending on the essential oils used, you will get a different result: from fruity scent (lemon for example) to woody essences (pine, eucalyptus …), you choose the scent that suits you! It is thus advised to linger on the essential oils used in the elaboration of each oil to choose one which will please you. In any case, we strongly advise you to study the composition of all the oils you order before buying them.


The perfect time to apply beard oil is after showering since the pores of the skin are open and absorb any type of substance or treatment better. It is advisable to dry the beard beforehand to remove any remaining moisture.

The most effective way to apply the oil is to place an amount of beard oil on the palms of your hands, ranging from two to five drops, depending on each case. Then rub it in gently and spread it evenly with a light massage over the entire beard and the skin underneath.

In the case of very long or bushy beards, we recommend starting with the chin and, little by little, spreading the rest (for balms, we recommend you read our article on the differences between beard balm and oil). Finally, we will mold the beard according to the desired shape and appearance, obtaining a spectacular result, not only in terms of shape but also in the shine and perfume that the beard gives off.

For the most capricious, you can add a final touch by passing over the beard for about twenty seconds, at medium temperature, the hair dryer. In this way, the shape of the beard hair will be completely fixed, while its appearance will be polished, shiny, and irresistible to the touch.

May your beard enjoy it!