Beard Oil VS Beard Butter – The differences

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For the uninitiated among you in the ways of male grooming and specifically the reasons why you need to be using a beard oil or a beard butter in the first place, you are in for an educated treat today as we investigate and discover which is better. You might already have your own preference and much as with the hair on your head, some of you prefer a wax, others a gel, and there might be those among you who prefer the texture and flexibility of a putty.

The debate of beard oil versus beard butter will, in the end, come down to your personal preference. Just in case you and your beard are both still sitting on the fence, when it comes to proper grooming and maintenance procedures today, we’re going to look at the various merits of oil versus butter.

Beard Oil And Beard Butter? Seriously, What Is The Difference?

Beard oil has been around for a while now, and most beards men have added it to their product line-up, and certainly easy to use. A beard butter though is a little newer on the scene, but it sure does pack a punch and could be just the texture that you and your beard are looking for.

There’s more to it than that though, and you might just decide that the two are a marriage made in heaven and you can’t do without either! Let’s face it; one look at your partner’s shelf in the bathroom and we’re pretty sure there will be serums, hairsprays, shine sprays, heat protection balms and a whole plethora of products designed to keep their crowning glory looking in peak condition so why should your fine manly face of hair be any different?

Let’s Consider The Beard Oil First.

OK, so a beard oil is possibly the most well-known and any research online will you a list of resources and reasons about why you should be using one. What exactly is it comprised of though? Well, the clue is in the name, of course, oil, and typically a good beard oil will be made up of at least two types of base oil.

Carrier oils help to moisturize the beard and prevent unwanted itching and scratching are combined with essential oils that are added to create even more targeted hydrating properties as well as deliver delicious and uplifting aromas and scents. We’re talking the likes of pine, cedar, and eucalyptus which are just some of the most popular fragrances in a gentleman’s beard oil.

What Are The Benefits Of Beard Oil?

A beard oil is excellent for maintaining a healthy, moisturized, shiny and lustrous beard. It also helps to eliminate itchiness and crackly, scratchy textured hair, not to mention unwanted dandruff. Nobody wants white flakes of visible dandruff. They’re bad enough out of sight on your head; imagine having this condition on your face for all the world to see.

Let’s also not forget that a beard oil is supremely easy to apply and really should form part of your daily cosmetic grooming process. Just a few drops applied daily under your beard will certainly help to hydrate the skin surface which in turn will keep the hair follicles healthy, soft and hydrated, and ensure that facial hair is super soft to the touch and crying out to be stroked.

How Does That Differ Then To A Beard Butter?

Well, a beard butter has an altogether different consistency. Think about when you are cooking. You have butter, and you have oils. One is a solid texture and the other liquid. Beard butters are made up of both oils and butter which is what gives them their light and creamy texture.

Most commonly they’ll have a shea butter base which is found in many body moisturizers because of its superb hydrating properties. It delivers excellent deep level conditioning but can be a bit more time consuming to work and manipulate into the skin.

We mentioned that a beard butter was a combination of oils and butter. When it comes to the oil element, a beard butter is likely to contain something like avocado or grape-seed oil. Both have excellent binding properties when mixed with butter to create a beard butter.

What Are The Benefits Specifically Of A Beard Butter Over An Oil For Example?

Well, we are glad you asked, and we are here to answer that burning beard question today!

A beard butter will significantly help to keep your hairs soft and deeply conditioned so that they are easier to style and mold. You know those leave in conditioners that are so popular for the hair on your head? Well, a beard butter is in that same vein. It stays put all day and actively conditions your hair follicles while you go on with your daily activities.

Butters instantly absorb into the beard hairs and contribute to that healthy, shiny and more manageable appearance. If you’ve gone to the trouble of growing a fine and full, devilishly dashing face of soft hair, then you want it always to look great, handle and manage well and smell good too.

Beard butter is also easy to apply and manipulate and unlike oil, can also be additionally used for styling and not just moisturizing. All you need to do is work some of the product between the palms of your hands and apply it directly to your beard, just as you would a wax to the hair on your head.

So In The Batter Of Beard Oil Vs. Beard Butter, Just Who Wins?

Well, we’ve extensively tried and tested many of the best oil and butter brands, and in our opinion, we honestly think that you should be combining the two together, in perfect grooming harmony. The oil will eliminate itching and irritation and at the same time promote healthier growth while the butter will tame those flyaway hairs, keeping your beard looking manicured, well maintained and of course softer, fuller, and healthier. So get on board and embrace both the oil and the butter if you want to enjoy the best-looking beard around.

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