A well-functioning beard trimmer is an invaluable tool for anyone who has recurring facial hair of any kind to deal with. It can make a long-grown beard look a little more collected and clean, or add the perfect shadow to the face. On the market today there are a very large number of beard trimmers of different price, quality and with different features. Only you can decide which one suits you best. In this guide we present four really good beard trimmers. The best beard trimmer was the luxurious, comfortable and efficient Philips 9000 BT9297. Read on to find out more about it and three other beard trimmers.

Best beard trimmer 2022

Here’s a quick round-up of our top picks for the best beard trimmer right now. Continue reading the full buying guide for beard trimming information and tips, or click on the links to go straight to our product reviews.

Braun BT3040Philips OneBladePanasonic ER-GB96
All beardsShort beards & stubbleAll and especially full beards
Weight ~327g324g160g
Battery Life ~60min60min50min
Charging Time ~8h4h1h
Number of chambers234
Longitudinal Settings39456
Length Interval1–20mm1–5mm0.5-30mm

How did we find our top choices?

To find beard trimmers to include in our beard trimmer best in test guide, we looked for products that meet the following requirements as a minimum:

  • Good motor power. A powerful and good motor ensures that the trimmer can be used again and again without breaking down for a while.
  • Cutting width and variety. A good beard trimmer has a cutting width that suits the job and can offer variety in terms of length and ridges.
  • Battery. The battery should last for at least two trimming sessions and be easy to recharge. Extra points if you can use it with the cord plugged into the wall socket at the same time.
  • Ergonomic, sturdy handle. A well-designed, comfortable and sturdy handle is essential for full control of trimming.
  • Affordable. You should get value for money.
  • High user satisfaction.

What is the difference between a beard trimmer and a razor?

The names beard trimmer and razor hint tell the difference: one is meant to trim beards and one is meant to give a smooth shave. The blades of a beard trimmer are usually designed in a different way that allows to fix hairstyles in beards and give a more well-groomed beard.

Things to consider when choosing a beard trimmer

There is no one-size-fits-all beard trimmer. Different lengths, roughness, sensitivity and other factors should come into play to ensure that you are as satisfied as possible with your beard trimmer. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a beard trimmer.

  • Get to know your beard. How thick and dense is it? What do you want it to look like?
  • If you have a goatee, sideburns, moustache or other facial hair that requires some precision, you may need a beard trimmer with many different settings and combs.
  • Not everyone needs an expensive beard trimmer. If you just want to smooth your beard and have a length, a cheaper beard trimmer with fewer features may be quite sufficient.
  • Those who trim their beard in the shower should choose a waterproof beard trimmer.

Tips for using a beard trimmer

Whether you are an experienced or a beginner, some tips along the way can always be useful. Below are some tips on how to get the most out of your beard trimmer, for the longest time.

From big to small

If you have a large, scraggly beard that needs to be trimmed, go from large to small. Start at the largest setting and then reduce as the beard gets shorter. Since beards usually grow outwards and downwards, you should shave in the opposite direction, i.e. upwards and towards the hair.


After each shave, rinse the combs and preferably also clean them with soap if they are made of plastic to make sure you remove any hair and grease that may be stuck. The trimmer itself should be cleaned with a small brush, tip or similar. After cleaning, the trimmer should be run for a few seconds to remove any extra hair that may be stuck. A waterproof trimmer can of course be cleaned under water.

If you do not clean your trimmer, it may end up twitching instead of trimming due to grease and hairs getting stuck in the trimmer.

Oil it

Don’t forget to oil your beard trimmer from time to time to keep it running smoothly. Wipe off any remaining hair, then drip some oil over the trimmer and let it run for about 20 seconds in the air. Then wipe the trimmer thoroughly so that the tips are dry.

Store properly

To keep your beard trimmer alive for a long time, you should have appropriate storage for the trimmer and its accessories.

How often should you trim your beard?

If you have a long beard that you want to keep neat or have a specific shape (mustache, goatee, etc.), experts and barbers say that trimming it every three weeks may be enough. If you just want to keep your beard neat, once a month is enough.

If you have a big and thick beard

For those with a large and thick beard, there are additional things to consider. First of all, if you want to cut or trim your beard. A beard trimmer will make the beard slightly shorter, regardless of the length you choose, while scissors can trim away the edges. When choosing a beard trimmer for thick beards, look for one with a sufficiently powerful motor and suitable trimmer combs, such as our choice the Panasonic ER-GB96.

Before trimming, it’s a good idea for those with large beards to first wash their beard, dry it and then comb it to remove any knots and make it easier to trim. This way you can get a better and smoother result.

Best Beard Trimmers right now

Whether you want to tidy up that straggly beard, get the perfect moustache or fix a neat stubble, there’s a beard trimmer to suit. Below are four different beard trimmers, one more exclusive, one cheaper for all beard types, one for precision shaving and one for very thick beards.

Braun BT3240 – Best trimmer at a budget price

Braun BT3240 beard trimmer
Braun BT3240

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to our beard trimmer best in test above, the Braun BT3240 is a very good option. Thoughtful design, 39 length settings, a powerful motor and comfortable trimming make the Braun BT3040 deserve its place in this beard trimmer best in test guide.

Good Price
Beard Trimmer Review: Best Picks For 2022

Braun BT3240

Thoughtful design, 39 length settings, a powerful motor and comfortable trimming make the Braun BT3040 deserve its place in this beard trimmer best in test guide.

Braun BT3240 – Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Can trim most beards with precision and comfort
  • Automatic volume adjustment
  • Easy to clean


  • Long charging time

Specifications Braun BT3240
Suitable for All types of beard
Weight~ 327g
Battery life 60 min
Charging time approx. 8h
Length settings 39 positions between 1-20mm (0.5mm increments)
Number of combs 2
Waterproof Yes
Display No
Miscellaneous Battery life indicator; Automatic voltage adjustment between 100V-240V; Manual razor included; Cleaning brush included

Suitable for most people
Braun has been making beard trimmers for many years and it really shows. It fits most beard lengths and has received many great reviews thanks to its efficient and precise trimming without the hassle.

So whether you have a massive beard or patchy stubble, the Braun BT3240 can trim your beard nicely. With the 39 different length settings, almost anyone can find a suitable setting. In addition to the many length settings, two trimming combs and a manual razor are included. But for those with a very large and full beard that is better suited to trimming with scissors, we recommend the Panasonic beard trimmer featured later in the review.

Easy to use
Something that is often highlighted when it comes to Braun BT3240 is its simplicity. Setting the length is done with a simple twist. But most importantly, you can shave a little bit anywhere (angle and such is not a big deal) and still get a good result. It shaves smoothly with sharp blades without pulling hairs and tangling. Convenient for those who are often stressed when trimming and want to trim quickly.

Cleaning it is also easy, especially with the included mini brush. After trimming, it cleans easily under running water.

Stylish and smooth
Its discreet and elegant design fits into most homes. It is a smooth and comfortable appliance to use. Plus, it’s easy to take with you as it runs on both power and battery. Many customers like the fact that it is so well-designed, robust and well-functioning. The razor blades have also received praise from users as they maintain their sharpness for a long time.

Philips OneBlade Face + Body – Handy Trimmer For Fine Lines

Philips OneBlade beard trimmer
Philips OneBlade
Good Price
Beard Trimmer Review: Best Picks For 2022

Philips OneBlade QP2630/70

It’s nicely designed, easy to use and can be appreciated even by those with sensitive skin. It is one of the best-selling beard trimmers on the market and it’s not hard to see why…..

Philips OneBlade – Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Can trim both dry and wet
  • Ergonomic and smooth design
  • Gentle on the skin


  • Not suitable for large and full beards

If it’s sharp lines, straight moustaches or groomed stubble you’re after, Philips OneBlade is a great choice. It’s nicely designed, easy to use and can be appreciated even by those with sensitive skin. It is one of the best selling beard trimmers on the market and it’s not hard to see why. It has performed well in tests as it quickly gives a nice result for short beards.

Specifications Philips OneBlade
Suitable for Short Beard
Weight~ 324g
Battery life 60 min
Charging time approx. 4 h
Length settings 1 & 3 & 5 mm
Number of combs 3
Waterproof Yes
Display No
Other Can be used with or without shaving foam; Battery and blade change indicator; Spare head for other OneBlade models fits

Beautiful and easy to use
With an ergonomically designed ribbed rubber handle, smooth click-on trimmer combs and blades that follow the shape of your face, Philips’ popular OneBlade is very easy to use. Its light weight and neat design allow you to follow the contours of your face with ease when trimming or creating whatever shapes of beard you desire.

What makes it easier to shape the beard you want is the sharp and efficient blade. However, if you have a full and large beard, the trimmer may struggle. But if you want to trim a beard of a slightly smaller size, or if you want some stubble, this one is quick and easy to use. It can quickly produce a very short and well-groomed stubble.

Many users are bothered by the hassle of cleaning beard trimmers, this is something that is avoided with the Philips OneBlade. This is partly due to its “open” blade design, but mainly because it is water resistant and can be easily rinsed off after you are done with your trim. Many users also like the fact that, compared to its competitors, it doesn’t splash a lot of hair around, it collects smoothly in the sink.

High quality and durability
One reason Philips OneBlade is so popular is its robust and quality construction. Both the handle and the blade feel sturdy and high-quality according to many users, and it can be used in water without any problems. The blades are unique and move about 200 revolutions per second, which provides a smoother trim. Extra plus points for having a pleasant humming sound instead of the annoying buzzing that larger machines often come with.

Panasonic ER-GB96 – Powerful Beard Trimmer For Big, Full Beards

Panasonic ER-GB96 Beard Trimmer
Panasonic ER-GB96
Good Price
Beard Trimmer Review: Best Picks For 2022

Panasonic ER-GB96

the Panasonic ER-GB96 can tackle even thick beards that other beard trimmers can’t: the powerful motor and the specially designed trimmer blades and combs. The motor……

Panasonic ER-GB96 Pros & Cons


  • Also suitable for thick beards
  • Many length settings
  • Comfortable and smooth trimming
  • Powerful motor


  • Expensive

You don’t always want to trim your long beard with scissors, so you need a beard trimmer that can handle a large amount of hair. This requires a powerful motor and preferably a wider trimmer head with large combs. The Pansonic ER-GB96 has all that and more and has been praised by many users for its comfortable and efficient trimming technology.

Specifications Panasonic ER-GB96
Suitable for all types of beards. Especially good for large and full beards
Weight~ 160g
Battery life 50min (Ni-MH battery)
Charging time 1h
Length settings 57 (0.5mm-30mm)
Number of combs 4 (1-10mm/11-20mm/21-30mm and a precision comb of 5mm); 0.5mm without comb
Waterproof Yes (IPx7)
Display Yes. Showing battery life
Other High-Torque DC Motor; 60% wider distance between blades; Storage bag for the combs included

Can take on even the largest of beards
There are two main reasons why the Panasonic ER-GB96 can tackle even thick beards that other beard trimmers can’t: the powerful motor and the specially designed trimmer blades and combs. The motor is a high-torque DC motor. It’s powerful and can tackle thick beards, but it’s not the fastest beard trimmer on the market. However, this can be a positive thing if you have a large beard that you want to have good control over during trimming.

The many length settings impress users. You can trim up to 30mm, which is great for fuller beards. The combs are easy to change and provide a lot of confidence when trimming.

Powerful blades
The Panasonic ER-GB96 has 60% wider blade spacing than most other beard trimmers on the market. This, combined with the wider but thinner edge, allows it to cut through dense beards and lift curly or receding hairs. It can therefore reach even the most elusive hairs and give a smooth and fine trim. The blades are made of stainless and durable steel and require no oiling or sharpening. They stay sharp year after year.

Easy to Clean and Use
Common to all products in our beard trimmer best in test is ease of use. Panasonic’s beard trimmer is no exception. It has a comfortable weight and an ergonomic handle that many users say fits comfortably in the hand and provides a sense of control during trimming. Combs and blades are easy to replace. It is easy to clean thanks to its total waterproofing. Length settings are adjusted via a convenient knob and battery life is displayed on a small screen. Plus, it feels high-quality and has a stylish design. You definitely get what you pay for.


Above, four really good beard trimmers have been presented, all with different features. The winner of our beard trimmer best in test guide was the Braun BT3040, which shows that you don’t have to pay several thousand to get a fully adequate trimmer. If you want a smooth trimmer for shorter beard growth that’s gentle on the skin, the immensely popular Philips OneBlade is a natural choice. But for those with a full, long beard, the Panasonic ER-GB96 could be the new best friend with its sharp blades and a whopping 59 length settings.