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Category: Main

Can Shaving Foam Be Used With An Electric Razor

Can Shaving Foam Be Used With An Electric Razor? 

You don’t necessarily have to use shaving foam with an electric razor, however, you can, if the razor specifies it. Most people buy electric razors for a quick and easy dry shave or a trim, for that reason they don’t usually consider this question. The…

electric shaver

How Often Should You Replace Electric Shaver Blades? 

Electric shavers were conceived and developed for the practical man, the one who doesn’t have a minute to waste and needs to be impeccable at all times. However, not so practical and rather lazy men took advantage of this type of razor. A methodical and…

pre shave oil

Pre Shave Oil for Beards – The Ultimate Guide 

Pre Shave Oil – If you’re rocking a beard, you’ve probably experienced at least one incident where it looked like your facial hair just didn’t want to cooperate. Maybe it was that special day when you were hoping to make an impression on someone, or…



Beard Oil – The beard is the most personal element of our face, the flagship of our outfit. Beard lovers know how important it is to comb, trim and pamper their beards daily. But if, in addition to taking care of your beard, you want…

dry beard

8 Steps Routine for Dry Beard 

Validate your beard Dry Beard – More men are shaving or trimming their beards in recent months, which is great – but it can also make them more sensitive to hygiene products such as shampoo and conditioner and thus have a dry beard. Many people…

Beard Trimmer Review Top Picks For 2022

Beard Trimmer Review: Best Picks For 2022 

A well-functioning beard trimmer is an invaluable tool for anyone who has recurring facial hair of any kind to deal with. It can make a long-grown beard look a little more collected and clean, or add the perfect shadow to the face. On the market…

ducktail beard

How to Shape & Trim The Ducktail Beard Style 

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a ducktail beard, it is characterized by a vertical line that extends from the point of the chin on a downward motion towards the neckline. It’s named so because it also resembles the hairstyle sported by Elvis Presley…

5 O'clock Shadow Beard

How To Get The Perfect 5 O’clock Shadow Beard 

Most men have sported the 5 o’clock shadow beard before, if only by accident. This slight beard and mustache usually appears after skipping a few days of shaving. This style has now become a signature short beard style that is easy to shape, even if…

olive oil for beard

How Can Olive Oil For Beard Grow It Thicker & Faster 

Intro Olive oil for beard care is one of the most popular and common homemade remedies for beardsmen. However, it would be completely wrong to call olive oil a home remedy because olive oil is real and scientifically proven to be used for beard growth…

argan oil

6 Big Beard Benefits of Argan Oil for Beards 

Is your beard scratchy, uncomfortable, or unsightly? Do people around you keep telling you to get rid of it? Even if you have tried many treatment options, you may not need to give up on your beloved beard just quite yet. First, you must consider argan…