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Taming the Beast: Your Guide to Mustache Grooming 

There are few manlier pursuits in life than growing and maintaining a lush, full mustache – the kind of mustache that enters the room before you to announce your arrival, but maintains a presence of its own. It certainly helps that the actual, physical process…

Perfect Beard

What Makes A Well Groomed Beard? 

As a fellow beard grower I have to say that I myself have suffered from the scruffy looking beard syndrome. This was in part due to the fact that I do not possess good beard growing genetics and to a much larger part due to…

wiry beard

How to Save Your Thin and Wiry Beard! 

The Expectation! So, you finally came to your senses and decided to grow a beard. Well, congratulations! The good news is, there are very few things as awesome as having a face full of hairy manliness. In fact, the only thing better than having a…

thick beard

Maintaining your Beard for a spectacular look 

 It takes more than the ability to grow facial hair to make a spectacular beard. It requires maintaining and care. Otherwise, you’ll look like you belong in the Castaway movie. First, it’s important to make sure your beard is growing in a way that flatters…

5 of the Best Beard Trimming Tips

5 of the Best Beard Trimming Tips 

How’d you like to learn the best beard trimming tips? If you’re already planning to grab your beard trimmer and start your trimming routine, hold up a little as it’s vital that you learn first how it’s properly done. Some men may just trim their…

goatee mustache

How to Properly Trim Your Mustache and Grow a Goatee 

So you’re thinking of a new look? A goatee perhaps? Well you’re in luck because the current trend and style for men today accepts goatee as a stylish and manly look. Here are some tips to properly grow a goatee and surprise everyone with your…

patchy beard

Fixing a Patchy Beard and making it look thicker 

Alright, so you want to grow a full thick beard but you have always noticed a few sparse patches where that beard hair does not grow thick.  You’ve seen those guys with dense Viking-like beards that scream manliness.  Although you might not be able to…

beard growth

Natural Remedies for Beard Growth 

A lot of men on Earth are blessed with a beautiful beard. Most of the persons who do not have a beard either don’t like having one or were unable to grow one. Not all people who sport a beard would have grown it naturally….


How to groom a beard | Beard grooming tips 

How to groom a beard – Are you blessed with a beautiful beard? Then you are proud of it. It is not just something to keep a beard. A beard requires patience and effort. The moment you intend to leave your beard, you do not…

beard growth

Exercise and Rest to Stimulate Beard Growth 

Increase Your Facial Hair Growth Rate with Exercise Exercise can help stimulate facial hair growth How does exercise fit into beard growth? Two things: nutrition absorption and efficiency. By pushing your body to work harder, you allow it to take in and use more nutrients…