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Category: Main

patchy beard

Fixing a Patchy Beard and making it look thicker 

Alright, so you want to grow a full thick beard but you have always noticed a few sparse patches where that beard hair does not grow thick.  You’ve seen those guys with dense Viking-like beards that scream manliness.  Although you might not be able to…

beard growth

Natural Remedies for Beard Growth 

A lot of men on Earth are blessed with a beautiful beard. Most of the persons who do not have a beard either don’t like having one or were unable to grow one. Not all people who sport a beard would have grown it naturally….


How to groom a beard | Beard grooming tips 

How to groom a beard – Are you blessed with a beautiful beard? Then you are proud of it. It is not just something to keep a beard. A beard requires patience and effort. The moment you intend to leave your beard, you do not…

beard growth

Exercise and Rest to Stimulate Beard Growth 

Increase Your Facial Hair Growth Rate with Exercise Exercise can help stimulate facial hair growth How does exercise fit into beard growth? Two things: nutrition absorption and efficiency. By pushing your body to work harder, you allow it to take in and use more nutrients…

Owning and Caring for a Beard

Owning and Caring for a Beard 

Let me tell you from extensive experience, having a beard is not as easy as it looks. The common belief is that all we have to do is let it grow and a beard will shape, groom and keep itself clean without much intervention from…


Top 10 things I’ve learned while growing my beard 

Even if you’ve only been growing for a month, I’m sure there are things that you’ve learned along the way, and if you’re considering continuing growing, or maintaining, I’d like to share with you some things that I have learned in my 2+ years of…

Beard Trimmer

How to Choose a Good Electric Beard Trimmer 

For those who have not ever seen one yet, a beard trimmer is a portable electric gadget which is used to trim a beard. One can use this handheld device for any length of beard without having to augment the trimming with scissors. It is…

ultimate beard guide

The Essential Guide to Beards – All you need to know ! 

The Essential Guide to BeardsWelcome to Beard Tastic’s ‘Essential Guide to Beards’. Hopefully you have already grown a beard, have decided you want to grow a beard, or are still in the just thinking of growing one stage. If for some strange and unfathomable reason…