If you’re the kind of guy who can’t grow a full beard, the ducktail beard style is going to be right up your alley. The style involves growing out only the hair on your chin and upper lip, while shaping it into narrow points that form the shape of a duck’s tail when seen from above. It’s named so because it also resembles the hairstyle sported by Elvis Presley in his earlier years, when he was more active on stage as one of the most prominent rock n roll musicians.


Ducktail beards and their history

The ducktail beard is a style of facial hair that gets its name from its resemblance to the tail of a duck. This style of beard has been around for centuries, and it was particularly popular in the 19th century. Ducktails are usually kept short and neat, unlike most other styles of beards. The whiskers can be trimmed with scissors to achieve a more precise look, but many men like to leave them long so they can brush them back over their cheeks while they grow out. Ducktails also work well as goatees or sideburns on those who prefer not having an unsightly shadow under their nose while they eat or drink. Even though this particular style of beard is rare nowadays, ducktails are still worth considering if you want something different than the average scruffy beard or clean-shaven look.

A style fit for any face shape

The ducktail beard is a style that can be tailored to any face shape. If you have a round face, you can make your beard appear more angular by shaving the sides and keeping the chin area fuller. If you have an oval face, you can make your beard appear more balanced by shaving the sides and keeping the chin area fuller. If you have a square face, you can make your beard appear more soft and round by shaving the sides and keeping the chin area fuller. If you have a diamond shaped face, you can give your beard a full round appearance by shaving the sides and keeping the chin area fuller. If you have a triangular shaped face, you can keep the edges of your beard short while maintaining fullness on the chin and cheeks.
A clear guideline for how to achieve this look? Grow it out! All things considered, this is one of those styles where less grooming is better—simply grow it out!

Styles with different hair lengths

The ducktail beard style is best suited for men with longer hair on the sides and shorter hair on the chin. To get this look, you’ll need to use a trimmer to create a defined line from the sideburns down to the chin. Then, you’ll need to let your beard grow out until it’s long enough to comb into a V-shape. For the finishing touch, use a beard wax or pomade to hold the hairs in place. Make sure to groom it properly every day so that the hairs stay neat and well-defined.
The Ducktail Beard is an old school classic that will always be in style because of its versatility. It can work for most any face shape and hair type, so if you’re looking for a good all-around option, go with this one!

Dressing your look up or down

The ducktail beard is a versatile style that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. For a more formal look, pair your ducktail with a well-groomed hairstyle and a clean-shaven face. If you’re going for a more relaxed look, let your hair down and don’t worry about being too neat. This beard style is all about having fun and expressing your personality. Ducktails come in various lengths, so experiment until you find one that works best for you. Ducktails are also surprisingly easy to maintain; just wash it regularly with shampoo and conditioner (or beard oil) and trim the edges every few weeks to keep everything looking tidy. This style might take some getting used to at first, but after some time, you’ll fall in love with your new signature look. No matter how you wear it, the ducktail beard will always turn heads!

Ducktail beard by profession

There’s something about a ducktail beard that just oozes confidence. It’s a style that says you mean business, but you also know how to have a good time. If you’re looking to make a statement with your facial hair, then this is the style for you. Ducktails are all about putting your best foot forward and showing off who you really are.
We’re not talking about a little patch of stubble here, either. A full-blown ducktail is a commitment – it takes time and patience to cultivate one and care for it properly. But if you think about it, those are two things we all should be putting into our personal appearance in general. So if you want the best of both worlds? Then try out this rugged yet refined look today!

Final Thoughts

The ducktail beard is a timeless style that can make any man look more handsome and rugged. If you’re thinking about growing a ducktail beard, here’s what you need to know. First, have patience. Ducktails take time to grow out and maintain their shape. Second, trim it regularly. Trimming the edges of your beard will keep it looking sharp and clean while keeping it from becoming too unruly or wiry. Third, be patient with the facial hair around your mouth while waiting for the rest of your beard to fill in fully–this usually takes six months or so–then trim it down once you’ve achieved full coverage on your face in order to get rid of those scraggly hairs near your mouth that are longer than the ones on the rest of your face. Lastly, just because it takes time doesn’t mean it won’t happen for you! It may take some time to see results, but if you’re patient and put in the work, you’ll end up with a beautiful ducktail beard that’ll make all of your friends jealous.