Exercise and Rest to Stimulate Beard Growth

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Increase Your Facial Hair Growth Rate with Exercise

Exercise can help stimulate facial hair growth

How does exercise fit into beard growth? Two things: nutrition absorption and efficiency. By pushing your body to work harder, you allow it to take in and use more nutrients that are essential for beard health. Also consider what makes a hair grow; muscle growth creates hair as a bi-product. So not only are you getting in better shape, you’re also turning the beard hair growing wheel faster. Another great benefit to exercise is the production of testosterone in the body, which has been linked to increased facial hair growth. is a great source for a lot of different ways to do exercises. If you’re not particularly fond of the gym to begin with, just stick with it and the results will get you hooked. Here is a great way to find exercises with a description and video showing you how to do them.

The easiest way to get started is to just to the major muscle groups first – legs, back, and chest. Of all of these, legs are the most important. Why? Simply because it is the largest group of muscles in your body. You can do less, and get more out of it. Also it’s really fun to push 300 pounds with your legs and see how easy it is. When doing squat type movements, I’d highly recommend that you avoid squats that require you to rest the weight on your shoulders. These exercises put a lot of stress on your back and over time can really be detrimental. Do a combination of seated leg press and dead lifts. Another very important thing to remember is proper exercise form is a million times more important than doing heavy weight. If you notice some really fit people in the gym, you might see them using 10 or 15 pound weights doing exercises with absolutely huge muscles! There’s a method to the madness, you just need to get up to speed.

Now you might think, man all I need to do is exercise and I’m set! Keep in mind the two main things that exercise aid with in beard growth – nutrition absorption and efficiency. That means if you have a bad diet or are not supplementing vitamins, omega 3’s, and protein then exercise isn’t going to do anything for you except possibly induce physiological stress, which is bad! It’s important to note that you don’t have to be a gym rat and live in there 24-7 to get results. Regular exercise can be a particularly good boost for your body if you’re a cave-dweller like myself. If you have your diet on track though and decide to hit the gym to pump out some extra beard length, be sure to drink enough water. For men, 12-15 cups of water a day is recommended depending on how much water the food you are eating contains. Read more about water intake and diet for facial hair growth.

Grow Your Beard in Your Sleep

Exercise and Rest to Stimulate Beard Growth

Your beard grows fastest when you are asleep

Your body repairs its muscle and skin primarily when you sleep, and that’s a fact. This is why it is absolutely essential for body builders and athletes to have healthy sleeping habits. If you’ve ever known someone to be very active, you may notice that they sleep for long periods of time or take naps often. This is so their body can recover faster, which decreases muscle fatigue and soreness durations as well. Since we’re exercising more, a lot more repair is happening and therefore more beard growth. Another fun fact – taking a nap when your body needs to recover from hard work burns more calories that watching television!

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