How Can Facial Hair Reflects Your Personality

facial hair

Your facial hair reveals a lot about who you are. A carefully polite mustache immediately shows that you are a person in a position of responsibility that should not be disturbed, while neglected chin hair suggests that you are a rebellious musical star. The firing of the beard and its richness may give the impression that you are a homeless person or an evil government employee.
Now that the beard is a modern look, it’s important to take care of its look and length to keep your image in your knowledge, especially if you’re looking forward to getting promoted at work.

Select the basic lines of the shape with the trimmer.

It makes no sense to let your beard grow alone without interference. Getting a perfect beard requires extreme care and time, just like shaving it. Start by selecting the basic lines of your beard. A perfect beard has no hair hanging from the upper lip or long hair, no one knows what’s hiding behind it. It should not exceed the neckline.
Use a wet shaver to clearly define the line between your beard and neck. To determine the shape of the beard from above, start the throat from your ear to the corner of your mouth with a line that looks as natural as possible. Note that hard corners don’t give the face a good look.

Use the right tools to get a great look.

Don’t waste time trimming your beard with old rusty scissors. Be sure to buy a shaver with a trimming accessory to shorten your beard to the appropriate length (i.e. a length of more than a quarter of an inch or a Victorian style, for example, not suitable for going to work, especially if you work in relatively conservative areas such as finance or elimination). Some modern trimming tools include an additional blade to give you accurate results while forming a beard.

Necessary care for the beard.

The beard needs the same time and effort to take care of your head hair. Wash your beard regularly with a facial cleanser and wash your hair with daily shampoo. This step ensures that your hair and skin are kept in good condition and contributes to the removal of any dirt/dirt/leftovers stuck in the beard throughout the day.
Men who lengthen their beards for the first time may feel itchy in the early stages. To avoid this problem, a moisturizing gel such as Nivea’s refreshing Q10 lotion formula can be used for men that soothe itching and moisturize the skin that is lining the area. One of the advantages of the gel formula is that it does not leave disturbing residue on your beard.

Shampoo and softening to soften beard hair

If you don’t wash your beard shampoo three or five times a week, you leave dirt and other deposits, as well as body secretions, not to mention the food molecules inside your beard. It is therefore important to shampoo and then remove it with water. After shampooing you should use the conditioner and also wash it after applying it to your beard for a specified period. Leaving shampoo and softener deposits will not benefit you but may increase the dryness of the beard.
If you can’t get a beard shampoo, you can use a shampoo for hair, but you have to choose which types are moderate and therefore not harsh on the beard hair.

Combing the beard is necessary to soften the beard hair

Of course, you have to buy a comb or brush for the beard, but if it is not available in your country you have to choose a comb whose teeth are not very close to each other but the brush should be of the soft type that does not harm the hair of your beard.
Combing the beard should be done after oils or palms are applied because it distributes them perfectly. But even if you don’t use these creams or oils, combing your beard is essential to get rid of all the lingering substances and residues that cause dehydration.

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