The long beard is in fashion: many men still choose to wear it. But for it to be glamorous, it must be cared for.

Let’s discover together the techniques, tools and products necessary to grow and maintain it in good condition!


First of all, if you don’t have a long beard, you’ll have to wait 3-4 months for it to grow and grow it long enough to achieve a certain style.

Even if you want a short beard, it’s best to let it grow so it’s easier to shape to create your preferred look. Cutting the beard too soon is a mistake that will take you several weeks to resolve, so we recommend being patient.

Also, if you think you can get a long beard just by growing it out, you’re wrong. For it to be beautiful and clean, it must be washed, cut and brushed, following some (simple) rules and using ad hoc techniques.

Alberto Brunelleschi, owner of the Brunelleschi salon, points out: “The long beard must be sanitized daily with water and products usually used for facial cleaning, otherwise it can become a place of dirt populated with bacteria.

Then wash it 2-3 times a week, keep it moisturized, brush it to keep it clean and in shape, and use quality, very light oils that give the beard shine and softness.”

A clean beard is a good start, but to make it glamorous (and neat), it needs to be trimmed and defined, to make it uniform. This can be done alone, at home, or in a salon. Finally, to keep the beard long, healthy, thick and without “knots”, it is necessary to brush it every day with gentle movements, so as not to pull out the hairs and not to irritate and/or hurt the skin.


Four tools are needed to enhance a well-groomed and healthy long beard: razor, scissors, clippers and beard brush.

The razor is used to define the shape on the cheeks and neck. The choice of the razor is very personal, depending on whether you prefer the electric razor, freehand or a shavette, just choose what helps us to make the cut more precise.

The scissors should be used to shorten and / or equalize the beard so that it is regular and tidy.

The trimmer or beard trimmer, on the other hand, as the name suggests, allows you to adjust it on the entire surface of the face, ensuring a precise effect without “holes”.

For the best results, we recommend the GBS line, especially ABSOLUTE FINISH, ideal for trimming beards and hair, ensuring perfect and precise finishes thanks to the T Blade Big stainless steel blade and the 4 conductive combs provided.Finally, don’t forget the beard brush: choose a brush with delicate bristles, keep the beard clean and avoid the formation of knots, without stressing the beard hairs or the skin below.


In order to keep the long beard clean, soft and healthy and to avoid stress on the skin, it is necessary to use special products.

For a deep cleaning 2 or 3 times a week, it is best to use specific shampoos for beards, whose composition is softer than traditional shampoos, and a beard conditioner, which serves to moisturize and protect the skin. Beard conditioner should not be confused with normal liquid conditioners as it has a firmer, wax-like consistency.

To enhance a silky beard, without knots and/or tangles, beard oil is essential. It is applied with the fingers on the wet beard, with downward movements and the tip of the chin, after having “warmed” it on the hands. Moisturizes both the hair and the skin and prevents itching.