How to Choose a Good Electric Beard Trimmer

Beard Trimmer

For those who have not ever seen one yet, a beard trimmer is a portable electric gadget which is used to trim a beard. One can use this handheld device for any length of beard without having to augment the trimming with scissors. It is designed with a number of blades piled up. These metal blades possess tiny teeth, and all these blades cut by means of an oscillating motion.

While the blades are oscillating, there are instances that the set of teeth is on top of the other. This action gives the cutting action, snipping every hair that crosses the way of the blades. Oftentimes the gadget has a plastic guard or a material that is put on the blades to avoid contact with the face. This particular attachment can be manipulated using a button. This button or switch then determines the distance of the trimmer from the skin.

There are certain models of beard trimmers that do not possess these adjustments. Instead, these models are equipped with various attachments that help in the styling and modification of the beard. Using these attachments, you will be able to control the remaining length of your facial hair. Whether you want the so-called 5 o’clock shadow or the full beard, you can use these attachments to get the look that you want.

It is actually quite easy to operate a beard trimmer. There is not much setting up involved in its use. Probably the handiest types of beard trimmers available in the market are the cordless ones, or those that are run by batteries. There are models with attachments meant to style not only your beard but also your other facial hair like your mustache, nape hair, and sideburns. There are even a few models equipped with some sort of a suction attachment. This attachment can vacuum the loose hairs that are left on the face after trimming. The vacuumed hairs then go to a pre-attached container.

Having blades made of stainless steels that are not allergenic at the same time is a must for beard trimmers. Some models of trimmers are actually water proof, which means that they can be brought in the shower. It is likewise possible to use beard trimmers to shave close to the skin. Shaving with a beard trimmer should be done after shower. This is because at this time, the hair shaft is pulled a bit more off the skin. This means that the beard can be shaved even closer to the skin.

Beard Trimmer

Now choosing the best beard trimmer for you is a rather difficult task. This is because the beard trimmer is meant to give your facial hair a precise trim and sculpt it to give you the style that you desire. It is easy to tell one unkempt beard for a well-maintained one. A poorly maintained beard will make you look like a vagabond out in the city streets or someone who has stayed in the woods for so long. In contrast, a nicely groomed goatee will make you look as if you are about to walk on the Hollywood red carpet. The following factors to consider when choosing your beard trimmer are as follows:


Almost always, price is a primary concern among buyers. This is why you should spend enough time comparing the prices of each of the models so that you will know the one that you think will be the best for your needs and budget.


Do make up your mind as to the amount and kind of accessories that you want on your trimmer. This will depend on your personal needs. For instance, do you also intend to use your beard trimmer to groom your nose and eyebrow hair? Would you want a vacuum attachment because you do not want to clog your sink with loose hair? Accessories add dimension to the performance of the beard trimmer, though it makes it more expensive.


The importance of precision should not be underestimated. Inspect the blades of each model and see if they are of fine steel or titanium. See also if the blades are self-sharpening and of little maintenance.


It is to be expected that the cheaper models are not as sturdy as the more expensive trimmers. To be acquainted with the reliable brands of beard trimmers, it is advisable to pay the barber shop a visit. In great likelihood the tools that the barber uses are the very same ones that he used for many years. Some of the brands that most barbers use are Wahl and Andis.

Many beard trimmers abound out there. I know this for a fact, having had a beard myself to maintain for a good number of years. I also know for a fact that not all of these trimmers are good enough, so I strongly recommend that you look into each and every brand so that you will know what model is likely to last you for a long time.

Keeping Your Beard Trimmer in the Best Possible Condition

Proper storage is probably the first thing you have to remember in the maintenance of your beard trimmer. Promptly put the trimmer in storage areas after using. That way, you prevent dust from gathering on the gadget and you also avoid inadvertent dropping or hitting of the trimmer onto a hard surface.

The second thing that you have to keep in mind is to see to it that your beard trimmer is thoroughly dry before setting it aside for storage. Promptly dry the trimmer if water has accidentally been spilled on it. By observing these, you can prevent the development of rust and delay wear. When drying up your gadget, make sure that the crevices and nooks have been wiped dry as well.

The often forgotten or ignored part in the maintenance of the beard trimmer is the cleaning part. Typically all it takes for you to do is to wipe off little hairs off your trimmer. Most of the time, these gadgets come with detailed instructions on cleaning procedures and such.

Before putting your beard trimmer aside in your storage container, see to it that the detachable extra parts are taken off. This simple action also keeps loose hair from getting caught in the nooks of the beard trimmer, making the gadget last for many years.

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