How to have a soft beard naturally?


Soft beards are a great choice for men who have sensitive skin or who want to avoid the irritation that is often associated with shaving.

A soft beard is a real treat for your face. It can provide a sense of comfort and an attractive look, which you’ll want to flaunt every day.

Fortunately, there are products adapted to soften his beard. Whatever the type of hair and to alleviate the problems of beard drue.

Whether they are in the form of oil, balm, cream, foam, … they are called beard conditioners (or beard softening products).

There are many ways you can make your beard soft, from the product you use to the way you wash it. To help you find the perfect product for your needs, keep reading.

A soft beard: with which products?

A beard softener is a product that can take the form of :

  • Oil
  • Balm
  • Moisturizing creams
  • Foams (this is more rare)
  • Or even shampoos / softeners

There is no single product, but often a combination of several of them. Everything will depend on your tastes (in terms of scents), your preferences (you may not like the feeling of beard cream), your budget and the ingredients you want to use (100% natural or not).

After explaining what benefits beard softeners can bring you to have a soft beard, I will try to propose you a list of typical products (some of which I use myself).

To have a soft beard, choose natural products

When it comes to beard care, I prefer to use all-natural products (organic is even better, not tested on animals is the best… and if you are vegan, there are also compatible products).

Anyway, natural ingredients are often the most effective (and also the least dangerous) to treat problems related to beard growth.

To soften your beard, softeners (or conditioners) provide a number of benefits, especially when used in addition to a traditional beard oil.

Whatever the problems you encounter (itching, redness, dandruff, …), or if you are simply looking for a good product to have a soft beard, it is essential that you choose a beard softener that you like … even if sometimes it will not be entirely natural. You can find 90% natural products that will be of very good quality and will do the job perfectly.

So, whatever product you choose, the beard softener will be able to bring its first results rather quickly (just like your beard oil). You’ll immediately feel less irritation, less itching, and you’ll spend less time combing or styling your beard. In the end, you’ll have a smoother beard.

The benefits of beard softener

How to have a soft beard naturally?
How to have a soft beard naturally?

If using a beard softener may seem annoying – by extending your maintenance routine – or if it forces you to spend more money (softeners are often quite expensive, as they are rather rare), know that it will not be useless.

All-natural beard softeners

When they are of good quality and natural, they can bring you the following benefits:

  • Soften your skin (and therefore reduce tightness)
  • Eliminate itching (beard softeners often contain vegetable or essential oils)
  • Treat rashes (pimples)
  • Reduce irritation (and therefore itching)
  • Condition your beard (you can better style and structure it … if it is long enough)
  • Eliminate excess sebum and beard oil residue that you may have used in the past few days
  • Soften your beard

Not all products to have a soft beard are equal, I advise you to read my tests, the opinions and reviews that you can find on such or such product (either specialized sites like mine, or directly on Amazon, for example), and to look carefully at the list of ingredients that compose it (when it is possible).

When it comes to softening your beard, the composition of a product is extremely important. We’re talking about our face area anyway (not our underfoot ???? ).

You will find on this site tests and reviews of several products to soften his beard (such as beard oils, balms, shampoos, conditioners, …), and each time, I try to list exhaustively the ingredients that compose them.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll have noticed that some “star ingredients” are found in 90% of the beard products. This is simply because they are among the most effective and natural ingredients. We could mention, for example:

Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, Coconut oil, Grape seed oil, Castor oil The shea butter … and many other vegetable and essential oils, all natural Beard oils, conditioners or beard softeners will often contain several of these oils, but also many vitamins: such as vitamin E. This vitamin will be found in the form of the following ingredient: Tocopherol. So don’t be afraid, behind this strange name is simply vitamin E.

How and why to use a beard conditioner

Assume that a conditioner is part of your beard care routine. Even though it costs a little more than a “traditional” product, it will soften your hair, condition your beard and allow you to better tame those stubborn hairs.

It can be presented in different forms.

The conditioner that is applied after shampooing.

In both cases, it should be applied in the shower, on a wet beard. Leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. There are softening shampoos that don’t rinse, but I personally don’t prefer them.

The shampoo will clean your beard, and the softener (or conditioner), as the name suggests, will soften your hair.

The beard balm

Not to be confused with a fixing beard balm. The softening beard balm also called beard serum, beard cream, or even beard butter will not contain any ingredient that will structure or fix your beard hair. It is a product that will better moisturize your skin and beard, make it softer, sometimes cleaner and sometimes slightly shiny.

It will be applied in the same way as a traditional balm, by massaging your hair and skin, from the roots to the tips. It is also recommended to use it after a shampoo for beard (thus rather on a clean beard).

Beard oil

Some oils will also have a strong softening power. It is difficult to identify the ingredient that makes the oil softer than the others, but it seems that avocado oil has an important role. That’s why, for each beard oil, you should try to read the tests and/or the reviews on a site like Amazon.

In my tests, I always talk about the softening side of the oils.

Frequency of use

Whatever product you choose, using it in the morning 2-3 times a week should be sufficient. Increase if necessary, for example, before going to bed.

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