How to Make Your Beard Soft – 8 Easy Beard Softening Tips

Beard Trimming

How to Make Your Beard Soft

I think all men will agree with me that having a beard is a blessing and a curse.

If you’ve ever had a significant other or loved one complain that your beard is scratchy and annoying, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Despite how cool a beard looks, it doesn’t always feel so great! In fact, sometimes it feels bristly, rough, and absolutely horrendous to touch. (check out this guide to keep your beard always fresh)

When you start to feel like the only way to solve this problem is to get rid of the facial fuzz, stop and drop the trimmer!

Simply read these tips on how to make your beard soft and silky. It’s an easy, quick process that will leave your beard feeling unimaginably smooth.

Understand What Makes Your Beard Rough

The first step to fixing your beard dilemma is understanding the causes.

These are the most common factors that cause your beard to feel rough and bristly:

  • Lack of hydration
  • Knots & tangles
  • Split ends
  • Leftover impurities
  • Hairs growing in different directions

A little extra beard maintenance can zap these problems and make your beard touchably smooth.

1. Shampoo and Condition Your Beard


One of the biggest problems for beards is leftover dirt and grime causing tangles and clumps. Be sure to thoroughly shampoo your beard at least 3 times a week.

Another huge cause of beard roughness is the lack of moisture. Using conditioner on your beard will nourish your hair and skin, making your facial hair feel just as soft as the hair on your head.

Be sure to thoroughly rinse out the shampoo and conditioner because a leftover product can dry out your beard and irritate the skin underneath.

Normal shampoo and conditioner will work fine, but if your beard needs some extra love, purchase shampoo and conditioner made especially for beards!

2. Use Beard Oil

Beard oil is a lifesaver for fully hydrating and nourishing beard hair.

Beard oils are gentle blends of essential oils and carrier oils that mimic the natural oils your skin produces.

Simply pour a few drops in your hand and massage the oil into your beard to hydrate the hair and it will feel noticeably softer after just one use!

Beard oils are very trendy right now and come in many different scents. Not only do they make your beard more pliable, but they also make it smell great!

3. Use Beard Balm

Some of the biggest issues that cause beards to feel rough are split ends and knotting.

Beard balm looks like hair pomade, but instead of styling your beard, it mends split ends and untangles knots, making your beard irresistibly smooth.

It is made from a gentle combination of beeswax, butters, essential oils, and carrier oils that won’t irritate your skin or mess with natural oil production.

Simply rub some balm between your hands until the friction causes it to melt a bit. Then, work it through your beard hair. Be sure to comb your hair after applying to ensure optimal effects.

4. Comb / Brush Your Beard


Combing and brushing your beard distributes natural oils from your skin into beard hair, replenishing moisture and creating softness.

It also brushes away dirt and grime that make your beard clumpy and bristly.

Another reason that beards start to feel rough is because facial hair grows in all different directions rather than all hairs growing uniformly.

Combing and brushing your hair can tame these troublesome hairs and train them to grow in the direction as the others, leading to a more uniform, less bristly beard.

5. Eat Healthy and Drink Water

It’s a common saying that you are what you are what you eat, and your beard is not exempted!

Food containing omega-3 fatty acids are great for hair growth and can make your beard come in stronger, healthier, and softer. Load up on walnuts, soybeans, fish, and spinach!

Also, hydrate your beard from the inside out. Rather than hydrating with oils, simply make sure you are drinking enough water. Your beard will be softer and your body will thank you!

7. Trim your Beard


An easy way to get rid of split ends and dead hair is to regularly trim your beard!

Using a beard trimmer or razor will leave razor sharp hair tips, so for a softer beard, use shears instead.

Shears will allow you to snip of the grimy parts of your beard and make room for fresh, healthy, new beard hair to grow.

Just as you would regularly trim the hair on your head, it never hurts to do a little bit of beard maintenance as well. Your beard will be softer and silkier because of it.

8. Powder Treatment

If these everyday fixes are not enough and you want an extreme beard makeover, this powder treatment will jump start the journey to a softer beard.

The first thing you need is oranges. Peel them and then grind the peels into the finest powder you can manage. Mix the powder with regular milk until it forms a paste.

Massage the paste through your beard hair, starting at the follicles and working all the way down to the end tips of the hairs. Let the mixture sit until it forms a thick crust.

Rinse the mixture out with warm water and reveal a refreshed, smoother beard!

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