How to Properly Trim Your Mustache and Grow a Goatee

goatee mustache

So you’re thinking of a new look? A goatee perhaps? Well you’re in luck because the current trend and style for men today accepts goatee as a stylish and manly look. Here are some tips to properly grow a goatee and surprise everyone with your fresh and new look.

The new style of goatee is a combination of a thin mustache and a nicely shaped goatee. It still depends on the style and shape you want that you think will suit you. The common mistake that men do when growing a goatee is to just let it grow and ignore it. You also have to cultivate it and take care of it for a more stylish look. You do not want a goatee that looks messy and uneven.

Not everyone can grow a goatee. You will find out if a goatee suits you after a few days of not shaving. You can determine for yourself if you can grow a goatee and if it suits you. Picture out your face with a goatee and see what style of goatee will fit you.

Maintaining your Goatee

To maintain a neat look, do not let the outer edges of your goatee grow past the smile lines of your face. Shave off and get a cleaner corner on your jaw line. Also, when you are shaving, examine if the shape of your goatee looks symmetrical on both sides.

Now what if your goatee is not that thick or sparse looking? Unfortunately this all falls down to genetics. You cannot make your goatee grow more hair. Just visit your local drugstore for some hair thickening lotion to make it look fuller. Its also possible to try shaving your goatee regularly to make it look more coarser which will look good for thinner goatees. However, shaving also does not promote more hair growth on your chin, it just makes it look coarser.

Remember that no one, especially women, likes a mess up and out of control facial hair. Keep your goatee looking simple, neat and clean. You can buy a shaving solution to take care of your skin and soften your facial hair for a nicer shave. You can also use shampoo and conditioner to maintain that neat look.

It is important to keep your goatee clean because hair also produces oil. If you do not wash them regularly you might have pimples growing on your chin and around your goatee which is a bad thing for your style.

So there you have it. You can follow these simple tips to grow your goatee. You may not get the perfect goatee the first time because it is often a trial-and-error thing just like any other facial hair style.

goatee mustache

How to Trim Your Mustache the right way

Having a nicely trimmed mustache is important for your overall look. Sometimes the shape of your mustache defines the way you look. Here are some tips to trim your mustache the way you want it to look.

First of all, you should have a proper trimming tool just for your mustache. You can buy a beard trimmer or if you have a simple hair scissors, that will do just fine. A good way to start trimming is to keep your mustache dry.

For a full mustache look, you should allow your stubble to grow until it is thick. If you do not want to have a beard you can always shave it off.

Once your mustache is fully grown you can now start trimming the sides. Make sure that the blade is slightly leaning at an angle while your trimming the sides.

It is always good to brush your mustache. A good comb for your mustache are the ones which have teeth with less spacing between them. Brush your mustache so that it would not curl up while your trimming it.

There is a rule in trimming your mustache. Use your upper lip line as a guide. Your mustache should not reach the line of your upper lip. Use the shape of your upper lip as a guide while your trimming.

If your mustache looks too bushy then you can trim the top section to make it look more subdued.

Mustache Maintenance

For proper maintenance of your mustache, it is advisable to trim it once a month. This ensures that the dry hairs are cut and this will also promote the growth of healthier hair.

If your mustache gets itchy do not scratch it because you will just damage your skin. Apply hydro-cortisone cream to reduce the itchiness.

If you develop scaly rashes around your mustache the best thing to do is to apply anti dandruff shampoo around and underneath your mustache.

Develop proper hygiene for your mustache. This means you have to wash your face everyday especially before going to bed. Your mustache can accumulate dirt and debris throughout the day so you have wash it off.

Maintaining a well trimmed mustache is very easy since you are just dealing with a small patch of hair. Just trim it once every few days.

So the proper maintenance for your mustache is to always keep it clean and allow it to grow before trimming it into the shape you want.

Tips on Keeping Your Mustache Soft

If you like having a mustache but you always find the hairs being too coarse and dry, you have to find ways on how to keep it soft just like your hair. You have to avoid using soaps and facial cleansers on your mustache because these products will only make your skin dry. Here are more tips on how you can maintain having soft mustache.

Warm shower is good for your mustache because warm water opens the pores of your skin. Stand in the shower for a few minutes and wash your facial hair and apply hair conditioners. The shower area is the best place for you to do this.

While in the shower, put a dime sized amount of shampoo in your hands and gently rub it onto your mustache. After a thorough cleaning, you can rinse it off with water.

It is best if you let the conditioner sit for two to four minutes in the shower before rinsing it off.

You have to make sure all the conditioners are rinsed off from your mustache and your skin. Conditioners that are left on the skin and hairs can cause irritations and acne on the skin.

For additional care and softening of your mustache, you can apply hot oil treatment to your mustache. You should let the hot oil sit in your mustache for five to ten minutes and rinse thoroughly.

With a very soft mustache, your girlfriend or your wife will not complain about your bristly and coarse mustache when you give them a kiss. Plus, taking care of your mustache shows you are well-groomed, nice looking, and neat.

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