How to Save Your Thin and Wiry Beard!

wiry beard

The Expectation!

So, you finally came to your senses and decided to grow a beard. Well, congratulations! The good news is, there are very few things as awesome as having a face full of hairy manliness. In fact, the only thing better than having a beard, is having a better beard! The bad news is, you won’t simply wake up one day and have an amazon on your face. In fact, most of us can’t really get the right kind of beard thickness that will make the ladies swoon and the men suicidal. These things take time. It’s a long journey riddled with thin beard potholes and all kinds of peril. After all, Rome was full of bearded men and they couldn’t build the city in one day (probably because they had to wait for a couple of weeks for their beards to reach epic proportions before they got started on the ‘building Rome’ business). The point is, growing a manly beard is a process that requires patience, great care and a healthy disdain for scissors…at first (later on you will realize that scissors are a valuable ally).

The Result!

Let’s face it, if you have a thin beard, or worse – a patchy one, you simply cannot rest easy until you have found a way to look like that Nebuchadnezzar guy from the Bible. There is nothing as frustrating to a budding beard-face as having no beard to speak of. Although every man has facial hair (and yes, we are counting eye brows too here), the degree to which this facial hair grows has very little to do with how badly we want to look like the great Kings of old. It does however, have a lot to do with the stock we come from.

How to Deal With a Thin Wiry Beard?

Your genetics has a great deal to do with the level to which your facial thicket will grow. But just because your fore-fathers were baby faced creeps doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to the same horrible fate. You can, albeit with much a do, get a righteous beard going and look like the man you know you can be. So how do  e go about doing this?

Well, for starters, you have to really want it (the fact that you are reading this is a great sign).

1. Do not shave it

Seems like a given, but you will not believe the number of myths going around claiming that shaving your beard will make it grow faster. This is hogwash. Although it might seem like your beard fills out faster right after shaving it, at some point – not much later- it grows back to the original growth rate. Which means you will have wasted valuable beard growing time on nonsense.

2. Trim the long and wiry stray hairs

One thing I realized on my beard growing journey was that my beard really wasn’t that thin. It just looked like it because of its colour and the long stray hairs that had spurted out all on their own. See, depending on your genetics and age your hair grows at a different rate depending on where it is on your body. So you have to manage the growth rate of the hairsthat get ahead of themselves.

3.  Wait For Patches To Fill In

Another sub problem people encounter that is related to this is patchiness. You just have to give some areas of your face more time to grow. What this means is that you have to try and keep the rest of your facial hair in line and even. So, you have to keep trimming those areas of your face that grow faster until the other areas catch up. If you make sure your beard grows evenly throughout your face by removing the patches and the stray the thin wiry hairs, you will get a fuller anda thicker looking beard. This is really the most important part step in the process.

wiry beards

4. Change your lifestyle

Facial hair thickness depends a lot on your genetics, but that does not mean that you are enslaved to it. There are certain things that you can do, certain lifestyle changes that can better your chances of getting a better looking, fuller beard. For starters, eat right. Proteins from sources such as eggs, fish and beans are a great start. Drink a lot of water and get moving. Work out a little and get enough sleep. You can also supplement your healthy diet with supplements that improve hair growth such as Vitamin B6, beta-carotene, biotin and the likes. Just make sure that they are safe before using them. Oh, and try as much as you can to stay away from stress. Stress is directly linked to hair loss.

5. Creams, Oils and Massages

There are some facial creams and oils that are specifically made to stimulate beard growth. Get yourself some and walk into a massage parlour. Try and stay focused here! Instead of the usual ‘full body massage’, take the ‘face-only’ option. Some hair growth specialists believe that inducing and encouraging blood flow to your face can and does improve hair growth. Let them rub your face down with some of that ‘magic cream’ on a regular basis. What can it hurt?

It’s a terrible shame that your beard simply won’t fern out the way you want it to. But just because it is not in its nature for you, does not mean that you cannot make it do what you want. After all, dominating like a boss is the bearded man’s way.

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