How To Trim an Uneven Beard

Do you have a good beard but don’t know how to maintain it? Are you tired of wearing a new beard every time you trim it? Relax, buddy, it’s happened to all of us at one time or another.

That said, if this keeps happening to you, it’s time to learn how to trim your beard like a pro. The goal: that you can keep it impeccable every day, that no one knows you’ve trimmed it because you always look perfect, and, above all, that you wear it to your liking.

Would you like to make this a reality? Great, great, great. Here we go.

Pre-trimming steps

Before you start, you need to define your look. How do you like to wear your beard? Short or long? It’s essential to know how to trim your beard. The type of beard you have influenced not only the ritual but also the frequency of trimming, the materials you need, your skills in front of the mirror…

If you prefer a short beard, you will need little time to grow it. In a week you’ll have your hair in the spot you like it best and, with a trimmer, you can keep it in line every 3 days.

However, if your look goes more with a medium or long beard, the ritual is more sophisticated: on the shorter areas – such as the sides and cheeks – you can use a trimmer, but on the mustache or chin you’ll need scissors and a lot of expertise.

While you’re growing your beard, it’s important to pamper it, i.e. apply one of our Hey Joe! beard oils to moisturize and nourish it, and wash it with our special shampoos for facial hair.

How to trim your beard the right way depends largely on this care, otherwise, you’ll have dry skin that will get worse over time as you let the hair grow. By the time you trim it, you’ll find yourself with a beard that’s too rough, and that will only complicate the process.

How to Trim an Uneven Beard

How to trim your beard: step by step
Now it’s time to learn how to trim a beard. It’s time to learn how to trim your beard like a pro. Prepare the clippers, scissors, and brush. Start the ritual.

First step: brush it against the grain. By combing it, you’ll untangle it and, above all, leave those stubborn hairs that are not uniform with the rest of the beard. Now take the scissors and trim them.

The next thing to do is to pass the machine with the head that suits you best. At this point, it all depends on the length of your beard; that will define the level of comb you should use. If you have a medium or long beard, you will use the trimmer for sides, sideburns, and, if you prefer, the neckline.

Remember to always start with a larger head. If your beard is too thick and you trim it too much, you run the risk of destroying the whole process. You can reduce the number of the trimmer as you see how it looks.

Now we come to the mustache and chin area. If your beard is short, you can continue to use the trimmer with the same head, but if it’s long you have to switch to the scissors. You may ask yourself: “how to trim a beard with scissors? You have to help yourself with a good comb. At Hey Joe! we have the combs you need to trim your chin to the point of your choice.

In the mustache area, you’ll have to be a lot more careful. Use a comb and scissors, and make up and down movements to leave it uniform. Use clippers or scissors to remove the hairs that stick out above the lip.

If you want to perfect your trim, fix the upper part of the cheek and the lower part of the neck. In this last area, you can use the walnut as a reference. In both lines, you can use a razor blade to give shape and elegance to your beard.

Finally, don’t forget to wash it and apply our Premium After Shave lotion to the areas where you have used the razor. If you have been growing your beard for months and this is the first time you are grooming it, the post-shave ritual is essential for the health of your skin. This way, you’ll avoid redness and irritation.

You got it!
Have you followed the steps? If you haven’t missed a single one, you know how to trim your beard like a real pro. We bet it’s perfect, totally adjusted to what you like.

Depending on the type of beard you’re sporting right now, you’ll have to repeat this whole ritual sooner or later. Remember that your beard is like your hair, it says a lot about your personality. It needs to be combed, groomed, and cared for daily if you want to keep it looking presentable and excellent.

Oh, and don’t stop worrying about the smell of your beard either. For that, check out scent products and choose your favorite scents in both oils and balms.