Is Beard Oil Necessary: Six Amazing Reasons You May Need It

Is Beard Oil Necessary

Even after growing a beard for a few years or even decades, many men aren’t aware of the difference that beard oil can make in their life. Why would they need something that they went this long without, anyway? Anyone who hasn’t yet tried beard oil is likely to feel this way, and it might be difficult for you to understand why so many people use this product.

Is beard oil necessary? Necessary, no. Incredibly helpful, yes!

Hence, let’s talk about six amazing reasons that beard oil can revolutionize the way you feel about and care for your beard!

Reasons to Use Beard Oil

#1: It Makes Your Beard Softer.

Beards are a great accessory, but they’re also an accessory that changes the way your body functions. Hair tends to wick oils away from the body that’s why some people get dandruff on their heads.

Beards can do the same thing. The hair in your beard pulls oils away from your body which then leads to the skin and beard hair drying out. When beard hairs dry out, they get super crinkly, rough, and uncomfortable to touch.

Even if this scratchiness doesn’t bother you (and we know it probably does), it might bother anyone else in your life that comes close to your beard. Beard oil replenishes the hairs as well as helps them get softer again. The softness prevents much of the itchiness that you might deal with when you don’t use one.

#2: It Makes Your Beard Shinier.

Like hair that grows out of the top of your head, beard hairs can begin to look dingy over time. If your beard hair is growing in a bit scraggly or starting to feel rough because of lack of moisture, the hairs are also probably starting to look a little dull.

You may not really have noticed this, but if you think about how your hair used to look or typically appears, you might realize how lackluster your beard hairs are!

After just a few uses of beard oil, you’ll notice that your beard hairs seem to come back to life. While your beard won’t be as shiny and lustrous as the long hair pictured in shampoo commercials, it will definitely look healthy and attractive.

#3: It’s Super Easy to Use.

Many men are reluctant to incorporate a beard oil or a similar product into their daily routine because it is basically a cosmetic step that they’re not interested in doing. First, let us start by saying that you have to give beard oil at least a chance! Second, you need to know that applying beard oil doesn’t have to take a long time or be difficult.

Here’s what you need to do to apply beard oil quickly and effectively:Wash face with warm waterDry beard with a damp towel until its mostly dryApply a dime-sized amount of beard oil (depending on the size of your beard)Rub it into the skin under the beard first and then pull it through to the hairs

You’re done! See? There are only four steps, and they just need to be done once a day, and you’ll see changes on how your beard looks and feels in no time at all.

#4: Reduces Dryness

We all know the pain of being dried out by the environment, weather, or simply having dry skin. For those with beards, both the beard hairs and the skin underneath the beard can become very dry. You might even experience what some call “beardruff,” or beard dandruff.

Beard oil is uniquely formulated to help the hair and skin restore their natural balance. This balance reduces and removes any chance of flakiness from developing.

When the skin under your beard and your beard itself are less dry, you can expect all the benefits listed throughout this article! Amazing, right?

#5: Treats the Skin Underneath

Everyone with a beard knows about the flaky skin that can develop underneath your beard. That happens for a multitude of reasons, but the main takeaway is that your skin is not receiving enough moisture due to the beard on top of it.

Using a good beard oil can actually help replenish the skin underneath of the beard as well as the beard itself. Most beard oils are made from natural oils that are also found in many moisturizers, so these oils will also treat your skin. Enjoy the double benefit!

#6 Improves Beard Strength

If you want to grow a beard that is strong and lasts for a long time, you have to take care of it. Sure, many men can grow a full beard and trim it without any instance, but we’ve all seen a wonderfully shaped beard that makes you wonder why yours doesn’t look that great.

The secret to a great beard is that great care has to go into maintaining it. That does not mean that you have to spend hours every day grooming your beard or that you need to spend a lot of money on beard products. All it takes is some basic care, and beard oil could be a big part of that process.

Bonus: Your Beard will Smell Great

While we aren’t saying that your beard smells bad, every bearded man (heck, every man knows!) that the body can be smelly at times. Even when a beard doesn’t necessarily smell bad, it doesn’t really smell good either.

Just as you might like to use cologne or a scented body wash when getting ready for the day, using a beard oil can have a similar effect of lightly scenting your body. This light scent will make you feel more refreshed and give off a better first impression no matter where you go.

Is Beard Oil Necessary?

If you are comfortable having a dry, scratchy beard that might even cause you to develop itchy dandruff, then beard oil is not necessary for you. However, if you are enticed by the idea of beard oil helping to prevent dryness, boost shininess, and generally help your beard both look and feel better, then you absolutely must try using beard oil.

Adding this cosmetic to your daily routine is incredibly simple, and the results are fast. In no time, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t learn about beard oil the very first time that you grew a beard.

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