Maintaining your Beard for a spectacular look

thick beard

 It takes more than the ability to grow facial hair to make a spectacular beard. It requires maintaining and care. Otherwise, you’ll look like you belong in the Castaway movie.

First, it’s important to make sure your beard is growing in a way that flatters your face. While a beard can hide flaws in the skin, they can also emphasize problem areas like a double chin. Ensure that your beard is balancing your face, whether it’s through thicker sides or strong lines. A barber can help you make sense of your beard’s proportions.

After deciding how your beard should look in proportion to your face, it’s vital that it receives great care. You’ll still need to shave on a daily basis. If this is surprising to you, then you have been slacking on your beard maintenance, and haven’t been caring for it properly. The lines around your beard have to be clean both top and bottom.

For shaving, use a sharp blade and replace it after five shaves. Always shave with the grain of the hair to avoid nicks and razor bumps. Only skim the area once and use warm water to avoid issues. Once you’re done shaving, make sure to moisturize your face to avoid drying and premature aging of the skin.

You’d never go more than a day or two without washing your hair. If you can’t remember the last time you washed your beard properly, that means your facial hair could be hiding unpleasant smells and dry bristles. You can use regular hair shampoo or a face wash specifically for men. All soap should be rinsed thoroughly for the hair for proper beard maintenance.

Once your beard is squeaky clean, it’s important to use oil or a balm to moisturize the hair. It helps to seal moisture and make the hair soft instead of hard and bristly. It will make the hair smooth too.

Along with washing and moisturizing your beard, the right diet can help keep your beard as well as the rest of you healthy. Drinking enough water and eating a diet rich in vitamin A will translate to a healthy beard.

thick beard

Beard Grooming and Maintaining

When it comes to a man’s grooming, it usually has to deal with body hair or beards. However, for most men around the world, beard grooming is popular. However, many men do not know how to properly groom their facial hair, resulting in messy and itchy beards and also making it nearly impossible to achieve a soft beard! Fortunately, here are several beard grooming tips to make life easier.

What to Trim with and When

Many men use anything easy they can find to trim their beards, like scissors. However, the best tool to use is actually based on what type of beard you have. First of all, never use scissors; they are far too dangerous and one accidental cut could possibly ruin your entire beard. Depending on the thickness and growth rate of the beard, you can find a perfect shaving method. Most men with fast-growing, thicker, and stubborn beard hairs use electronic beard trimmers once to twice every week, while others with thin, average/slow-growth beard hairs use the classic shaving cream and stick to get the job done once every two weeks. The idea is to personalize your shaving method and stick to it!

How to Trim your Beard

The basic way to trimming a beard would be by simply following your beard’s line and the path it grows to fill out your face. Start by holding your shaving tool firmly, especially if it’s electronic, and start running it over the areas you want to trim. Make sure to keep the lips folded in to avoid cutting them and never shave to far down to the Adam’s apple or else you could easily cut that area open. When reaching the mustache area, be slow and shave downward, as shaving upward can cut the nostril area. When ending the trim, check your sideburns and directly under the chin for any small hairs and clean those up. Congrats! You’ve completely your trim.

Regular Cleaning

Another important step of beard grooming is shampooing and conditioning. Facial hair is just like head hair; we still have to shampoo and condition it for cleaning and softening purposes. This all comes down to preference, as said before, thicker beard hair means tougher and stronger shampooing and conditioning products and of course, something gentle and average for thinner beard hair. Some men wash their beards 3-4 times a week and others do it 3-4 times every other week. It all depends on how dirty your beard easily gets, as it can trap in sweat, dirt, food, and etc. Most men also seem to forget the conditioning part of their beards. Never skip this step, as the conditioner acts as a beard softner and can help quicken the result of a soft beard.

Everyday Styling

Lastly, remember to wake up everyday and style the beard properly to ensure it looks presentable and is moisturized. One of the best ways to do this is by simply purchasing beard oils that carry ingredients like tea tree oil, olive, oil, citrus bergamia oil, and etc. After applying the oil, comb the beard out to evenly spread the product and style it to your liking. The oil will add a healthy and glistening shine to the beard, while also acting as a second beard softner.

These tips should help with beard maintenance and grooming, so can you grow a terrific beard that is soft and smooth. You won’t look like you’ve escaped from a mountain cabin after 15 years alone in the wilderness.

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