Natural Remedies for Beard Growth

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A lot of men on Earth are blessed with a beautiful beard. Most of the persons who do not have a beard either don’t like having one or were unable to grow one. Not all people who sport a beard would have grown it naturally. Men can go to any extent to make their beards grow faster and denser. But not all techniques are healthy. Techniques which involve chemicals are going to harm your skin and facial hair on the longer run. Natural methods of growing a beard are the healthiest techniques to grow a beard although it takes some time to grow a beard this way. People who have been desperate to grow a beard have always ended up at the Dermatologists office with serious infections and allergies after a span of few years. So in this article, we will answer the most searched question of How to get full beard on face naturally.

Removing Dead Skin Cells

Natural methods of growing hair mean using natural techniques like cleaning your face regularly and taking care of the nutritional requirements to enhance the growth of the beard. It prohibits the use of chemicals on the skin which could cause side effects like allergies and skin diseases. The most basic way of caring you’re your skin is cleaning your face regularly. The dead cells in the skin are the ones which slow the process of beard growth. Hence it is necessary to use a scrub on your face to remove the dead skin cells. Removing the dead skin cells enhances the growth of new hair in such sports. Exfoliating Masks available in the market can also be used to remove such cells. You will have to wait for around thirty minutes after applying these masks in order to remove the dead skin cells along with the mask. Washing your face with warm water for at least two times a day encourages hair growth on the skin by washing away the dead skin cells.

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Keeping the Skin Hydrated

Dry skins do not encourage hair growth. Hence you should keep your skin hydrated using moisturizers. Applying oil on the skin also prevents it from drying up. But not all oils encourage hair growth. Very few oils like the Eucalyptus Oil encourage hair growth besides preventing the skin from drying up. Flaky skins are not ideal for beard growth. Hence applying moisturizers during the day and Eucalyptus oil before going to bed can are the best ways to naturally grow a beard as they do not cause any harm to the skin. Eucalyptus oil is known for its unique smell and medicinal properties. It does not cause irritation to the skin.  Beard Conditioners which contain Eucalyptus oil attract more customers than the ones which don’t have Eucalyptus oil in them. Washing your face with warm water containing eucalyptus oil is also an effective way to grow a beard naturally. Most people prefer this technique than applying Eucalyptus oil directly on their face.

Nutritional Supplements

Just like your body requires nutrition to grow, your beard too requires certain nutrition to grow. Increasing the amount of Protein in your diet is the best answer to the question of How to get full beard on face naturally. Protein is found in higher quantities in Meat, Fish, and Eggs. Among vegetarian products, nuts have high quantities of protein in them. Besides consuming nuts, Beard Growths can also be encouraged by taking nutritional supplements on a regular basis. Biotin is a dietary supplement and taking very small dosages as low as 2.5mg per day increases the growth of hair. Consuming fruits and vegetables provide several vitamins which might not necessarily encourage Beard Growth but help in absorbing such vitamins.

No Razors or Trimmers involved

Most people purchase grooming accessories as soon as they spot a tiny patch of hair on their cheek. You could groom your way in all ways you want but only after they are fully grown. Another commonly held belief is that shaving regularly encourages beard growth. There are no shreds of evidence to scientifically prove this. Shaving only helps in making the hair grow thicker and not faster. Shaving often can result in irritation to the skin. Never shave against the beard. This can permanently damage your skin cells and reduce beard growth. Also, razor cuts permanently create a bald spot on your cheeks.

Adequate Rest

Most people do not believe that providing proper rest to your body helps in increasing beard growth. Providing adequate rest helps in repairing damaged cells throughout your body. The same technique applies to skin cells too. Dust and dirt do a lot of damage to your skin. They block the pores of the skin which slows down beard growth. Hence washing your face before sleeping helps in removing dirt on the skin and also enhances the repair of such damaged skin cells. Stress and improper sleep have also been known to be the major reasons for hair fall. Hence it is necessary to maintain a relaxed mindset to relieve stress. Working out regularly not only helps in keeping your body physically fit but also to vent out stress. Exercises such as Push-ups also improves blood circulation to your face which promotes hair growth. Above all, do not be desperate to grow a beard.

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