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Methodology of how to shave a beard 

Method-1:- Washing and getting ready (1) Wash your beard for removing dirt by face wash or bar soap. It’s necessary to start with a clean and dry beard. (Check out this guide to know the pros and cons of beard shaving after/before shower)(2) Combine your beard and…


So you want to wash your beard, now what? 

let’s discuss why you should use a beard specific soap when washing your facial hair, and how often to wash it. Is it necessary to use a beard specific soap? Not always. It is a good idea? Absolutely. I found that beard specific products became…


Guide on How to SHAPE your beard properly 

How to do beard shaping is one of the most common questions today. It really doesn’t fact whether your beard is long, short or curly, every style needs to be cleaned and neat. Your beard can be your identity as it will show your personality….


Easy Simple Tips For Perfect Beard Growing 

Today Beard growing is in the top fashion. History says that beard is always associated with masculinity, manliness, power, leadership, wisdom and virility. Keeping beard has lots of benefits too. Researcher says that beard growing helps a man to be more manly and also help…