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Why your Beard is Not Growing, causes and solutions 

Growing a beard may be a time-consuming and apparently difficult effort for some. There is no magic prescription for thickening your facial hair, but there are plenty of myths about how to stimulate your facial hair follicles. Many individuals assume that shaving causes facial hair…


Why do beards make a man more attractive? 

The beard. The old Fashion, which has turned out to be bigger, has gone out of fashion to modify the perception of different societies to men and their attractiveness. In terms of fashion, it is not possible to talk about a particular style that dominated…

Men's Grooming

Beard Lotion For Growth: Grow Your Beard Quickly 

Table of contents What is the purpose of beard lotion? Causes of slow facial hair growth The basics of beard lotion Beard Lotion Composition How does beard lotion work? Advantages of using Beard lotion Usage Features of beard lotion Unfortunately, most men face one problem:…

Men's Grooming

The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Grooming 

There are many reasons why a man can be considered attractive, one of the main ones is his hygiene. A clean, groomed and perfumed man is a man who will make an impression wherever he goes, stealing glances and demonstrating his masculinity. Max out your…


The Benefits of Beard and Mustache 

A long beard has long been associated with some religious customs and beliefs in some peoples, and some professionals such as fine artists prefer to release their beards to distinguish them from others, and beards and long shins are a symbol of masculinity and strength…


How To Trim an Uneven Beard and make it Perfect 

How To Trim an Uneven Beard Do you have a good beard but don’t know how to maintain it? Are you tired of wearing a new beard every time you trim it? Relax, buddy, it’s happened to all of us at one time or another….


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Growing a Beard 

Yes, it does make you look more attractive and interesting, but that’s not all you need to know about your beard. Growing a beard is an important step, it’s a decision that can radically change your appearance, and, depending on the science, it can even…


How Can Facial Hair Reflects Your Personality 

Your facial hair reveals a lot about who you are. A carefully polite mustache immediately shows that you are a person in a position of responsibility that should not be disturbed, while neglected chin hair suggests that you are a rebellious musical star. The firing…