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You Can’t Grow a Beard? Here is Why 

You Can’t Grow a Beard? Here is Why – Not all men are equal when it comes to growing beards. While some men sport a beautiful Viking beard, others are desperate to grow a fine fuzz on their chin but can’t. Bearded or not bearded,…


Beard Roller 101 : Does It Really Work? 

Your beard isn’t as full as you’d like it to be? Do you have little gaps or bald patches? A beard roller claims to be a cure-all. We will explain what it is and how to utilize it in the following sections. By improving blood…


Patchy Facial Hair or Incomplete Beard, What To Do? 

Patchy facial hair or incomplete? The density of your hair does not allow you to have the same thick and complete beards that you can see on the internet and you wonder what you can do to overcome this? Don’t panic, I’m going to tell…


How to straighten Beard Hair 

How to straighten Beard Hair. So you’re looking to straighten that wildly beard bush because it’s sometimes it just feels like you have a bad beard day every day. No matter if you have a very curly beard, wavy, or just the average Joe. You’ll…


How To Prevent Acne After Shaving Your Face 

How To Prevent Acne After Shaving Your Face – If you have acne you know how troublesome it is to shave. Not only does it make shaving more difficult but shaving in itself causes you more acne. Luckily you can learn how to prevent acne…


5 Easy Steps to Make Your Beard Softer 

Make Your Beard Softer – So you’ve decided to grow a beard. Even better, you were successful! So now that you’ve got this magnificent marker of manhood adorning your face, you might be running into some of the problems that bearded men have faced for…