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The Essential Facial Hair Grooming Tool: The Beard Brush 

Overview of The Beard Brush and the cons of using plastic combs. Keeping your beard healthy and presentable is not a job for the faint-of-heart. Your beard is exposed to countless oils, dirt, food particles, and a wide array of other contaminants. An available selection…


DIY Beard Care: How to Make Homemade Beard Oil 

Keeping your beard in top shape is essential for the modern man. Having a dry beard with cracked whiskers isn’t going to help your personal or professional life. One of the items in your beard first aid kit should be a good beard oil. however,…


12 Beard facts every bearded man should know 

There are as many types of beards as men are willing to wear. Shaved, three-day, long, short… But do you know what you need to wear and do you have what it takes to take care of it? We teamed up with the King C….


Eight styling tips for a neat looking beard 

Growing a good beard is a matter of method. It’s not enough to stop shaving, you have to make a deliberate effort to style, make choices, and put in the time. This step-by-step guide could be a very good start. 1-Start by determining your own…


The Many Types of Beards 

The Many Types of Beards – All beards are not created equal; they come in an extensive array of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and levels of shininess – all with their quirks. Here is a quick image guide to many different beard styles that were…


8 Beard Styles Every Man Needs To Know In 2022 

In this article, we’re going to help you pick a beard style that is suitable for your face because these are the eight beard styles that every man should know. 1: The Tapered Beard Now this is a beard style that is tapered down in…


8 Beard Growing Mistakes You Need To Avoid 

Today I want to go over eight mistakes that most guys are making when it comes to growing a beard. 1- Don’t trim your beard when it’s wet, now I know this seems like the most convenient time to do it but when the beard…


7 most common beard problems and how to solve them 

From beard dandruff to ingrown hairs, these are the solutions to the problems that happen the most. Growing a beard sounds simple, just throw the razor in the trash and wait for the hair to grow and cover your face as if you were a…


Beard Care from A to Z: How to Get the Perfect Beard 

An unkempt beard is an absolute no-go. Since the beard – depending on the type – takes up quite a large part of your face, this also has a decisive influence on your outward appearance. Besides, you do not feel comfortable and self-confident with an…