As a busy guy, I’m always trying to cut down my morning routine so I can get my day started quicker. However, I still want to look my best. It’s hard to develop the most efficient morning regime!

If you agree, you may be wondering whether it is best to shave before or after shower.

All men do it differently. Some have been shaving after showering for years while others swear by a pre-shower shave.

There are positive and negative aspects for both methods, and no grooming routine will ever be perfect.

In this case, it depends on personal preference, the type of razor you use, the consistency of your hair, and many other minor factors.

Read on to see my in-depth explanation of the pros and cons of shaving before showering and shaving after showering, along with the method that I think is best!


Shaving Before Showering

Why it’s good

Shaving before showering seems to make sense to many people. Get the annoying task out of the way first so you can enjoy your shower, or skip the shower altogether but still be clean-shaven!

Jumping in the shower is convenient because the jet stream will blast away all of the shaving cream on your face quickly, and you won’t have to pat it away in the sink.

This reduces cleanup time because it ensures that your shaving cream won’t get on any other part of your body or on your bathroom counter.

Additionally, you can avoid the irritation of finding stray whiskers sticking to your neck or chest throughout the day, because they will all be rinsed away in the shower.

Many men swear by the fact that the natural oils your face produces adds beneficial lubrication to the shaving process and helps you achieve a closer shave. If you shave before you shower, these natural oils are preserved rather than being washed away.

Many post-shower shavers argue that you need the warm water from your shower to soften hairs and open pores so they are cut away more readily, lessening irritation and making for a closer shave.

However, if you shave before your shower, you can soak your facial hair with a warm, wet washcloth. Simply laying it over your stubble for about three minutes should soften things up enough for a good shave.

If you use an electric razor, you are probably a pre-shower shaving type of guy, because electric razors actually work better on dry hair and skin.

Dry hairs sticks to the electric shaver mesh much better with an electric razor and they are easier to maneuver across your face without moisture. Shaving before a shower ensures that there won’t be any leftover moisture and you will get a fantastically close shave with an electric razor.

Why it’s bad

Although soaking your facial hair with a washcloth can soften hair a bit, it doesn’t provide the same effect as steaming your entire face for the length of your shower. Your skin isn’t necessarily as prepped for manual shaving as it would be after a shower.

Dry hair can be as hard as copper wires for many men so attempting a manual shave before properly prepping your skin can lead to irritation, pain, redness, and excessive wear and tear on your razor.

Shaving After Showering

Why it’s good

Shaving after a shower ensures that your skin is properly prepared for a shave. The warm water optimally softens your facial hair and skin while opening your pores.

This means there is minimal resistance, so the razor can easily slice hair off at the root, giving you a closer shave. You can also avoid wear and tear to your razor from slicing off stubborn hair.

Additionally, the warm water relaxes your facial muscles, so it is easier for the razor to follow the contours of your face. This will help you avoid nicks and cuts.

Many men find that they are much more awake and alert after taking a shower, so they are able to pay closer attention to shaving.

This method is also time-efficient because instead of having to prep a warm towel to do a soak, your face is automatically steamed in the shower.

If you shave with a safety razor or straight razor, there is no better option than to shave after taking a shower.

Why it’s bad

If you shave after a shower, you have to manually wipe away your shaving cream and stray whiskers instead of rinsing them off in the shower. This can make a bit of a mess and take some extra time.

Hot showers can also plump up your skin making it easier to get cuts and nicks.

Final Verdict

While there are pros and cons to both methods, shaving after you shower is definitely the way to go!

Both methods take about the same amount of time when you factor in the cleanup after a shower or the washcloth soak before a shower.

This means the only factor left is shave quality, and you will get a much better shave if your skin is effortlessly steamed in the shower before shaving.