The Benefits of Beard and Mustache

beard benefits

A long beard has long been associated with some religious customs and beliefs in some peoples, and some professionals such as fine artists prefer to release their beards to distinguish them from others, and beards and long shins are a symbol of masculinity and strength in some cultures.

Although the appearance of a long beard is not popular with many, studies and research have shown that beard hair has many health benefits, some of which are mentioned in the British Daily Mirror.

1- Preventing rashes

The rash is one of the most common problems caused by the daily shaving of beard hair, which often causes itching, and is caused by gilded stand bacteria that infect the skin.

Although rashes can affect even people who don’t shave their beards, contaminated shaving tools increase the risk of contracting the bacteria that cause the disease.

2- Prevention of allergies

Beard and mustache hair is useful in preventing seasonal allergies to dust and pollen, where it forms a defensive barrier, trapping allergens inside it, and the presence of small amounts of these factors inside the beard hair for a long time helps to accustom the immune system to them and becomes less likely to respond to them.

3- Prevention of skin cancer

A recent study conducted at the University of South Queensland in Australia indicated that facial hair plays a major role in protecting against UV rays from the sun, and the study showed that beards can be a protective factor against skin cancer, ranging from 90 to 95% depending on the length of the beard and the angle of facial hair.

4- Delaying the appearance of wrinkles

Although a beard can make the beard look bigger than it is, at the same time it can help delay the appearance of wrinkles, as they form a protective barrier to the skin against sunlight, which is the main cause of skin aging.

5- Prevention of blackheads

Acne occurs when small follicles are blocked near the surface of the skin, resulting in blisters filled with a white substance, or covered with blackheads, a common condition that can be exacerbated when shaving the beard.

6- Prevention of asthma

Asthma is a common allergy in the world, with 4.5 million people in Britain alone, facial hair provides a protective factor against irritants for asthma such as home mites, and prevents dust loaded with bacteria and germs from entering the nose and then into the lungs.

Why does a man have a mustache and a beard and a woman has no beard or mustache? What is the importance of a mustache and beard to a young man? Is it better to shave mustaches and beards? Here is the scientific opinion on mustache and beard.

“Beard and mustache should be allowed to grow as their hair provides excellent protection for sensitive voice organs of those who do not pass it regularly or inappropriately,” says Dr. Reddock. After a speech to the public, the membranes relax in the circumference of the larynx. When you leave the meeting place and go out to the open air, the infections begin.

If the issue is repeated, chronic larynx and bronchial disorders often appear. But the natural muzzle of the creator protects these important organs. The poetry that the Creator’s wisdom and kindness have instilled on the faces of mankind also has its benefits and beauty. Therefore, let us invite young people not to be slaves to the false and harmful fashion that forces them to shave their beards as they are shown to help their owners to maintain their health and improve themselves.”

Reddock recommends leaving beard and mustache hair not only to prevent sore throat and hoarseness but also to avoid bronchitis.

According to Reddock, beards and mustaches are a kind of natural muzzle and that shaving them leads to recurrent chronic and acute pneumonia. Can we question the wisdom and charity of the Creator when he gives these decorations to a man who is frequently exposed to climate variability and forbidden to women who do not need them because she is the protector of the house? The hair is a bad conductor of heat and cold and it plays the role of cover at the entrance to the nose and lungs, which enhances warmth in cold and cold weather in warm weather

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