Effective Tips to Groom Your Curly Beard Like Never Before

curly beard

Curly beard can be seen in various shapes and sizes as well as forms. Though a curly beard may look good on your face, the main problem arises when you need to comb it and groom it well. Once you have learned to manage the curls, you can plan out a way to deal with the curls. Curly beard, however, needs to be well maintained. Here are some tips on how to groom curly beard like washing it, straightening it, grooming it and keeping it.

Use the right kind of tools

To comb curly beard, you would need to use a comb with a full tooth. The curls can be straightened out in this way A boar’s bristle brush can help your beard to look manageable and in line if they are grouped well.

Using a proper routine

Any beard requires maintenance to look good. You would need to keep a good hair balm and good beard oil with you as well as a hair dryer to arrange your beard well. A hair dryer would also help in giving your beard a wavy look. Use the right kind of grooming tools to maintain your curly beard.

Trim your beard regularly

It is important to trim your beard at least once in a week. This will help keep your beard healthy and soft at the same time. Trim it to your natural state so that it is easier to maintain.

How to straighten your curly beard?

Having a bad hair day is miserable-especially if you have a beard. An evil looking beard would be evil for your appearance and would also break yourself esteem. Curly locks of the beard are considered to be attractive and also help you look youthful and jubilant as well. Men who have naturally curly beard can either wear them curly or straighten them with the help of beard straighteners. Men who have straight beard cannot curl up their beard.

Curly beards usually tend to look more voluminous and at the same time thicker and luxurious as well. A curly beard can, however, lead to more of tangles. There are various kinds of beard locks that grow out of your face. If there are some coarse hairs, then it tends to become messy. There are multiple kinds of beard hair that you can try styling, and curly hair is hard to manage if not well maintained.

The Disadvantages of curly beard

Curly beard comes with its own set of problems, and it is hard to maintain. Curly beard needs more time to grow compared to straight beards.

  • Usual beard tends to grow for around half an inch per month, but curly hair grows in a loop. By the time a curly beard grows half foot long, a straight beard will grow three times its size. A straight beard keeps on growing downwards, and a curly beard grows spirally but is shorter in length.
  • Curly beard tends to get tangled easily, and knots are formed
  • Knots and tangles usually become all the more difficult to maintain if oil or balm is applied to the beard.
  • Using a beard comb to detangle the knots may be difficult, and it may even cause damage to the beard
  • The curly beard can be challenging to maintain as they a develop more split ends and can become rough as well.
  • Did you know the curly beard is more prone to transferring all the bacteria, germs as well as germs from the beard to the skin? That is because the beard grows closer to the face. This is the cause of formation of pimples, acne, and blackheads.

It is essential to know the disadvantages of curly hair as it can help you maintain your beard in the right kind of way.

Why are some beards known to be curly?

The growth of your beard depends on the shape of your hair follicles. Symmetrical hair follicles give the extension to straight hair while asymmetrical follicles will give increase to curly hair. Even symmetrical hair follicles can grow curly hair if the hair shaft has an irregular allocation of keratin. Sometimes the beard is also known to be curly if they are rough or uneven. When your hair is rough and uneven, it is known to stiffen and thus gets curly. Dryness is caused due to dry skin, and if you wash your beard regularly with harsh shampoos, Beard should be cleaned once a week with beard shampoos only and then conditioned as well. It is also essential to use beard oil on a regular basis. If your hair is filthy and rough, it can also lead to dust in the hair and causes your hair to curl up. So if you want straight hair, you would need to maintain your hair thoroughly. Also, drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

Taking care of Your Curly Beard

Though curly hair is hard to maintain, many men are seen to wear the curly beard as a sign of style and sophistication. It is found to be more attractive than the straight beard. Maintaining a curly beard can be challenging but not impossible.

  • You can use different kinds of products like Beard shampoo, conditioner, oil, and balm to keep your curly hair in good condition and clean and hydrated as well.
  • Clean your hair on a regular basis so that it does not build up germs and bacteria
  • Shampoo and condition your beard on a regular basis
  • Beard and oil balm should be used on a regular basis as well.
  • Use an excellent curly beard comb or a beard brush to comb your beard well
  • A wide-tooth beard comb should be considered as one of the wisest choices for curly beards, and a boar bristle brush will help smoothen the tangle

You can always try straightening your beard in the best possible way so that it looks good and can be well maintained. There are diverse methods to accomplish beard straightening; natural, chemical and mechanical as well. Try them out.

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