What Makes A Well Groomed Beard?

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As a fellow beard grower I have to say that I myself have suffered from the scruffy looking beard syndrome. This was in part due to the fact that I do not possess good beard growing genetics and to a much larger part due to my laziness. However right genes and the right grooming schedule can bring you a mane that is th envy of the world.  It’s hard enough to express what sets apart a good beard from a bad one but when we see a good beard we institutionally know it. Here is a list of the things that sets apart a good beard from a bad one.

Beard Style Suitability

Probably the most important thing about growing impressive looking facial hair is to grow something that complements your face shape. Having a pointy goatee will make your face look too long while broader and bushier beards make your face look rounder. A good beard style will make your face look more symmetrical and not out of the ordinary.


The main complaint amongst men that are starting to grow their facial hair is the patchiness. The only way to combat this besides a hair transplant is with time. Before I had ever grown a full beard I could never imagine myself having one because I thought the patches would never fill out but they did. Unfortunately, your beard is destined to look pretty bad while it’s patchy. There is also much to be said for the actual thickness of the hairs. Thicker hairs tend to be easier to manage and look better.


I think there should be different words to describe men who grow beards and men who just forget to shave. In order to keep your beard looking neat you have to make sure to give it that weekly trim. Take care of all the stray hairs and even it out. Some men grow really bushy beards. The only way to combat this is with daily trimming as well as brushing. Make sure that you define a neat cheek line.

Jaw Line

A common mistake that men make with beards is to trim their jaw line too high. The result can be a little bit unsettling. It’s a bit like seeing yourself in a pair of trousers that is too small for you.  In most cases you don’t need a neckline. Most men look better or more natural without it. However if your beard tends to be particularly unruly then you may opt for one. A good general rule of thumb is to shave everything underneath your adams apple.

What Makes A Well Groomed Beard?
What Makes A Well Groomed Beard?

Beard Color

While it is possible to color your beard it’s usually not a good idea.  The problem is that it’s quite difficult finding a color that looks natural. For the most part then we have to rely on our genes to take care of this for us. Personally, I’m always quite inspired whenever I see a thick black beard but a thick black beard may not look its best on a very pasty white man. In other words does the complexion of the beard go well with the color of the beard.

The Man

Almost every rule about growing beards can be broken especially when the beard is carried with confidence. If you are going for something more creative and out of the ordinary then you really are going to need a strong sense of character to pull it off. If you aren’t sure in yourself then you aren’t going to be sure in your beard then it’s just going to look and feel wrong no matter what you do.

All of these things can combine to create a sense for a well groomed and appropriate beard. If you feel comfortable with the way your beard is, your beard suits the shape of your face, has the right color, grows thick and you are willing to give it the right treatment through continuous grooming then you should definitely grow a beard. Your life will improve and you will soon find yourself to be the king of the jungle.  It’s also true that some men simply should not grow a beard. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. Maybe you’re too young or you just don’t have the genes. If you have tried to take care of your beard but it just won’t bend to your will then it might be worth giving it a rest as it just won’t look well groomed.

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