If you are one of those men who shave with a classic razor as part of your daily routine and hate to feel irritation after shaving, then you should know the right way to shave.

There are many conflicting opinions about the correct way to shave, whether with cold or hot water. In this post, we will clarify this doubt and tell you the advantages and disadvantages of doing it with one type of water.

Shaving by previously wetting the face with hot water is recommended so that the hair is hydrated and comes off more easily thanks to the dilatation action that the hot water exerts on the pores. Once your face is wet you can apply foam and start shaving.


Shaving with hot water

Shaving the face is a process that is part of our daily life, so it is important to learn how we can shave in less time and above all, taking care not to feel irritation once we have shaved.

Steps for shaving with hot water

  • Step 1 . Moisten your facial skin with hot water, as this will help the skin pores to open and the shave will be more effective and long-lasting.
  • Step 2. Place shaving foam or shaving gel on your beard, spreading it over your mustache, cheeks, and chin area.
  • Step 3. Use a razor that preferably has lubricating strips in good condition.
  • Step 4. Start gliding the razor along the hairs.
  • Step 5. Rinse off soap residue with plenty of water and dry your face.
  • Step 6. Moisturize your skin with an aftershave such as Nivea

You can also shave after having a hot shower, the steam from the water will open your pores even better than if you only moisturize your skin with hot water.

Advantages of shaving with hot water

There are different advantages when deciding to shave with hot or warm water, among them we find:

  • Better circulation: Using hot water on our skin considerably improves our circulation, however, we should not exceed the temperature with which we shave as it can be counterproductive and leave our skin very sensitive. Remember that facial skin is even more delicate than other parts of the body.
  • Easy shaving: By having the pores open and the face well moisturized, shaving will be much easier and we will do it in less time.
  • Less irritation: Shaving with hot water helps to shave better and we feel less irritation since we use the razor less often and the skin is in optimal condition to shave and remove the hair.

Disadvantages of shaving with hot water

  • Dryness: If we shave with water that is too hot, our skin may dry out much more or become rough and hard.
  • Time: When using water at a higher temperature, shaving may take longer because we have to wait until the water is ideal to start shaving.

Shaving with cold water

It has always been said that shaving with cold water is wrong. However, if you have ever done it, did you notice any difference? Over the years, there have been publications and research on what happens when shaving with cold water. And the results have been quite surprising. We present them to you below.

Advantages of shaving with cold water

  • Stiff hairs: Cold water stiffens the beard hairs, so the blade cuts more effectively and forcefully, which means fewer strokes of the blade on the skin. It’s as if you were tightening a wire to cut it.
  • Better for the epidermis: Hot water “cuts” the natural fat that we have in the skin, contrary to what cold water does, which keeps the skin with its usual lubrication, thus avoiding irritation. It also reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs.
  • Invigorating shave: Shaving with cold water in the morning makes you feel fresher, cleaner, and ready to start the day with more spirit.
  • No dirt in the pores: Cold water prevents pores from opening up, thus keeping any bacteria or dirt from the beard from getting into the skin. The result is a healthier epidermis.

Disadvantages of shaving with cold water

  • Abrupt change: If you have shaved all your life with hot water or live in a place with low temperatures, shaving with cold water may be a very hard blow. At least for the first few times, it’s sure to be an ordeal.

How to shave with cold water?

  • Step 1 . Wet your facial hair with cold water.
  • Step 2. Place shaving foam or shaving gel on your beard, spreading it over your mustache, cheeks and chin area. Use cold water to generate the lather.
  • Step 3. Use a razor that preferably has lubricating strips in good condition.
  • Step 4. Start gliding the razor across the hairs.
  • Step 5. Rinse off any soap residue with plenty of cold water and dry your face.
  • Step 6. Moisturize your skin with an aftershave such as Nivea

When to use cold water?

For shaving, you can use cold water whenever you want or when hot water is not available. As we have seen, it is something worth trying to determine if it is favorable for you depending on the characteristics of your hair and the sensitivity of your skin.

Regardless of the above, it is recommended that when we have finished shaving, we wet our face with plenty of cold water to relax, tone and moisturize the skin. This will make it softer and give you a better feeling after shaving.

Can I shave with very cold water?

Yes, you can. Although if you’ve never done it before, feeling water at such a low temperature might not be a very pleasant sensation the first few times. You should also pay close attention to the effect that very cold water has on your beard and check if the razor glides well over it. If you find very good results after trying it, it means that the very cold water has been good for you.


As you well know, every beard has different characteristics, such as thickness, speed of growth, skin sensitivity, etc. That is why one shave will never be the same as another. That’s why there is no absolute truth about what is the best way to shave. If something suits you, it doesn’t mean it will suit others.

That’s why the best way to know what effect shaving with cold water will have is to do it yourself. If you have always shaved with hot water, you can try using colder and colder water or room temperature water. Just check well what will happen to your beard hairs, the performance of the blade, and the feel of your skin after shaving.

You may find that it felt bad, that it didn’t make much difference or that it felt much better than shaving with hot water. You don’t lose anything by giving it a try, because at the end of the day it’s all about making sure you always feel comfortable with your shave and that your skin suffers as little as possible.