Why do beards make a man more attractive?


The beard. The old Fashion, which has turned out to be bigger, has gone out of fashion to modify the perception of different societies to men and their attractiveness.

In terms of fashion, it is not possible to talk about a particular style that dominated the looks of men around the world as beard did.

Usually, when it comes to hairstyles or clothing, their prevalence and popularity are limited to a particular age group or social group.

But the beard “charmed” everyone regardless of their age and social status.

The beard trend continues with great momentum and it seems to continue as it is, despite the sounds that come out from time to time to promise that the beard’s fashion is over and it turns out that it is completely wrong because it is still the same.

Everyone knows the beard is attractive. But few know what makes them attractive.

In our subject, we will try to decipher the puzzle and present scientific and psychological theories that may explain to us why they are so attractive.

What does science say?

Several studies have tried to find out why a beard is attractive and exciting.

A study by The Human Journal of The Society and The Evolution Society found that the quality and size of a beard can affect the other’s perception of the man and thus determine the impression he makes in both the short and long term.

In the study, 8,520 women of different age groups between the ages of 18 and 100 were asked to evaluate images of bearded men and others without beards.

The consensus was that the beard made a man more masculine and attractive.

For women, a full beard suggests that men are healthy.

The full, medium-density beard is tied to the perfect parenting qualities.

The evaluation of masculinity increased the denser the beard and vice versa, i.e. the shaved chin dissolved at the bottom of the list for the area of the masculinity.

The beard had an effect not only instantaneous, but it was also shown to affect long-term gravity.

Therefore, a bearded man will always be attractive to his wife, regardless of the number of years of marriage.

In another study, it is found that a beard is often tied to strength.

Therefore, a man who adopts a beard for women is a man who can be relied upon to provide a “safe environment” for stable family life.

The beard has an exciting and attractive history.

We will not go into the details of the history of beards and their connotations and development, but beards have been linked at many stages in human history to men, leaders, and influential figures.

In the Middle Ages, beards were a sign of sophistication and social standing, and their connotations changed with the change of time, but they did not lose their relevance to power, manhood, and self-confidence.

Therefore, the image cultivated in the collective unconscious is that beard is synonymous with masculinity, which in turn is associated with gravity and excitement.

Hide flaws

The obvious reason for adopting the majority of bearded men is the fact that they hide flaws and provide them with the added advantage of an attractive masculine look.

The beard is like men’s make-up, as cosmetics hide women’s imperfections and give them “illusions” of beauty as well as beard.

Thin lips, very thin face, very wide or non-wide jawbones, double chin, big nose, asymmetry of features, pimples, and more. All can be disposed of and create the illusion of beauty through the beard.

Beard, on the other hand, is the magic solution for any man with childish features (Baby Face), a dilemma that seemed unresolved, no longer classified as a problem.

Beard and intelligence

For one reason or another, a man with a beard is classified as smarter than others.

Perhaps it is related to the image implanted in our subconscious that links beards with important personalities, leaders, and scientists.

But since it “makes” a man look like this, its impact is limited and will not last long.

If a man does not have the intelligence, the effect will disappear as soon as he opens his mouth and speaks.

Imposing hegemony

The beard effect affects not only women but also men.

. The man with the beard is an Alpha man and the shaved chin is a beta man. At least outwardly.

The beard enhances the position of the man in the middle of his male surroundings and thus becomes dominant and dominant in one way or another.

This reality makes him adopt “dominance” in other areas of his life so that they become closer to acquired behavior.

The Alpha Man is always and never a man who attracts everyone around him.

The beard suggests maturity.

Going back to the study we talked about, men with beards were considered to have the qualities of fatherhood and who could give women a sense of security.

Which means the beard makes a man look mature.

But according to different opinion polls, maturity is related not only to this part but also to sexual maturity.

Men’s features indicate how mature and sexually mature a man is.

Not to mention the fact that for women a beard is tied to trust, a man with a beard seems to be more trusted than a shaved man.

This is a reality, and when the beard pattern was not widespread, the shaved chin was the man who could trust him, while the bearded man lived his life according to his own rules.

But with its widespread and unprecedented dose, the picture has changed radically and the shaved chin is unreliable and the beard owner is the man who has all the ingredients to make him a man who can be trusted.

This is all according to most opinions but not all. Certainly, there are personal preferences that vary from individual to individual.

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